Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug. 18, 2014- Londrina, Brazil

You know that feeling when you are just really happy? On the verge of laughing randomly just because you feel so relieved and entergentic? Well, thankfully the stress has gone away and once again I am feeling super happy!! This week was great! Those two baptisms I said that had fallen were rescued and we baptized two more future priesthood holders! yay! 

I am sooo grateful for our leaders. I have the BEST district leader. He sacrifices so much to help all of us out. His name is Elder Coelho (Bunny in English haha). This week I had a very low moment, feeling extremley overwhelmed with a certain situation that had occured and he was able to truly follow the spirit using the scriptures to show me how aware the Lord is of me, my companion and our investigators. I felt a great deal of comfort from the scripture and the way the spirit testified to me. Because of the moment and decision I made afterwards we were blessed this our 3rd baptism in this area. 

Cristiano was baptized this Wednesday. He was one of the first contacts we made when we arrived the area. He was tough, a little hard hearted when we began to teach. But perseverance pays off! We prayed and fasted and went to his house to follow up almost every day since the first and he has really turned his life arround. He was able to stop smoking and receive a divine personal revelation that this is the true and only way. He was suuuper nervous at the beginning of the baptismal service, though talking to him afterwards, we asked how he felt. He said that the water was reallllly cold but then afterwards he felt a joy so big that he knew he had done the right thing. We are so proud of him and the way he his living his life now. 

We also had the baptism of Edmilson. He was also one of the first references of a member the first week we got here. He was even harder than Cristiano because he was super prepared and didn't have to change a lot, just the way he thought. He had alot of fear. The Lord blessed him with several revealing and comforting dreams these past weeks. But fear always got the best of him. The Assistants came to interview him, He was interviewed for over 2 hours!!! He past the interview except did not have the courage, still. 

We taught him in a members home the next night. I literally was out of words. After weeks of trying I didnt know what else to do. The members in the lesson tried to help him understand and said many inspiring things but nothing that seemed to really help him decide. In the moment, that we all felt empty, their son, who is 8 years old went into the office got a piece of paper and wrote a note on the paper that said "Will you embark on this journey?" He taped it to pencil (like an arow) and showed Edmilson a picture of the temple and the arrow he had made. The spirit filled the room. We all watched in silence. I have never seen anything like this in my mission, or life! 

He wrote another that read "You should pray and ask if the answer is yes or no." We, all amazed and in awe, all knelt to pray. Edmilson said a sincere prayer asking for guidence. There was a long silence afterwards and then the brother (Edmilsons friend) began to quitely sing "I stand all Amazed". We all joined in, crying. Edmilson too. Then Mauricio (the son) took the book of gospel pictures he had used to show the temple and began to teach Edmilson about each picture. Baptism, receiving the holy ghost, taking the sacrament, doing baptisms for the dead, being married in the temple. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnssed on my mission. A child, so pure and inspired. All of us had given up. But the Lord had a plan and used this child to help this man make a life changing desicion. Edmilson was baptized Saturday night. 

We are teaching other very special people. João, William, Ivanildo, Cristiana- please include them in your prayers! 

I LOVE being a missionary! I was mistaken when I wrote that last week was the last week of the transfer, actually this week is. I think I will stay. I hope so anyways! 

Have an incredible week!!! 

Love You all!!!

Love, Sister Rachel Edwards

Mauricio, inspired 8yr old boy

Burying our 'weapons of war' FHE

Companion is a very talented artist

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