Monday, July 29, 2013

2 Month Mark!

Oi familia e meu amigos! Como vai? (Hello my family and my friends! How are you?)

Eu estou muito triste porque meu email não enviou semana passada.
(I am very sad because my email didn't send last week.) :(
I had one written up but then my computer froze or something and it was lost... not even saved in my drafts. So sad! Oh well, apparently I was suppose to keep you all wondering:)
I am alive and well! Even more so! I am loving Oklahoma! I feel very blessed because the summer here has been mild! (low 100's is mild:P) but really some days the highs have been only in the 90's! And it has been raining! Glory Hallelujah! EU AMO CHUVA! I LOVE RAIN! It is such a blessing! I can't remember what I have said already or if it was part of my lost email so I apologize if I repeat anything!
I am obsessed with clouds. The sky here is Oklahoma is BEAUTIFUL. My companions make fun of me for always taking pictures of clouds and the sky, but I just love it! One moment I'm in Andy's Room (From Toy Story) and the next I'm in Lion King! The clouds move so fast and change shapes and the sunrises and sunsets are just amazing. ah! goooood stuff here in OKC!
Oh yeah, to answer my questions. The noises in the trees are bug- yuck! They are cicadas. Kinda a nasty cross between locus and beetles. Aunt Cadie is right, they do sound like electricity too! The squiggly lines on the roads apparently mean Slow Down. They are near schools and churches and neighborhoods- aka EVERYWHERE. haha
There are a lot of creepy crawlies here! Not to many spiders that I have seen, thank goodness! But in the grass there are these tiny red bugs called Chiggers that bite and itch like crazy! There seem to be a lot of roaches too! We were in a home teaching one time and I couldn't even tell you how many roaches crawled over my feet. ahh. yeah! We found a grasshopper in our car the other day! They are also all over! Bunnies aren't creepy crawly but they are everywhere! They are so cute! They remind me of Truffles! Miss that 'lil guy! 

And of course, Mosquitos! BUT! funny story! There is a potential investigator we visit named Keith. He is the sweetest, smallest, elder, gardener, gentleman. He claims to have the Garden of Eden in his backyard! He is so funny. One day we were on his front porch and I was getting eaten by mosquitos- I know I just taste so good apparently! But he noticed and ran inside and brought out Apple Cinnamon Room spray made by Glade. He sprayed it alllll over us! Arms, legs, necks and guess what! It works! BEST mosquito repellent ever! It smells great and works! :) We put it on every day now, haha. Thank you, Keith!
There are two things that I would like to include in my letter for sure this week. First of all, I have been learning soooo much here on my mission and especially from my companions. One of the things I am learning to recognize, and that is building my testimony tremendously, is- Personal Revelation. I know that it is real; and as missionaries we can receive revelation for the people we teach. 

One incredibly inspired way we do this is something that our previous misison president had all the missionaries do. As many of you know we "Role play" a lot. We practice teaching lessons and make it specific to our investigators. But something that we do is called "Real Playing." Essentially we take our time to really try and "perceive the thoughts" of our investigators. Just like Ammon did for King Lamoni.   It is amazing. 

After sincere prayer we slowly and thoughtful strive to ask inspired questions and then the missionary taking on the role of the investigator answers with inspired answers. I have such a testimony that this is real because I have had questions, or answers or thoughts that have come to mind that I had no idea where I would have never come up with on my own. And then in lessons when we feel prompted to ask those questions or investigators answer just as we knew they would. This helps us to prepare to teach to their needs. 

I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our needs. I know he loves us and wants to help us. I know that he communicates with us just as he has with the people in times of old. I know he loves me and that he loves you and that he has a purpose for each of us on earth today. More than anything he wants us to be happy. True happiness comes from living Jesus Christ's Gospel and serving and sharing it with others. "To truly find yourself; turn outward." -Elder Bednar 

I absolutely love being a missionary and am learning to love the moment I am in. The time is now. Love and live in now, not yesterday or tomorrow. That is something I am learning and striving for in my own life.
The other thing I would like to share before I have to go is the importance of member missionary work. We have seen miracles happen when the member become involved in missionary work! Lessons are a million times more effective when members are present. People are able to better relate to members because they are living "normal lives" unlike the missionary life. And it helps tremendously is fellowshipping. Everyone wants to feel wanted and to have friends and members are so essential for that. We as missionaries move on to new areas, but the members live here. 

I am very blessed to be serving in such an incredible ward who reach out and love the people in this community. We have had several wonderful lessons with members that have touched the hearts of our investigators. Our Ward Mission Leader is GREAT! He definitely has been an example to me of how to magnify a calling. One of his ideas is just simply awesome! I want to share it because I can see how helpful it would be for every ward! He is putting together a Ward data base. Many of the times we as missionaries ask him who would be a good member to come to lesson or fellowship a member? He can think of a few people but really we don't know a whole lot about every person in our wards. And as missionaries are always changing we don't know the members real well at the beginning either. 

So on this database/ directory we are having each auxiliary fill out a survey/get to know you form. So we can easily access names, hobbies, work, availability, age, gender contact information and a picture of each person/family. Then when we have an investigator who for example likes to swim, we can get on and search swimming and everyone in the ward who likes to swim will pop up and we can match them up/ invite them to come teaching with us or give them a fellowship assignment. 

There are many people who want to reach out but don't know how or to whom and this will help. This will also help with less active members. There are many activities we want to have in the ward, but the same people always run them, this will help! (and the variety of different activities). 

Members will also have access to this and eventually be able to update their profile (with approval for appropriateness) and that will make it much easier for the members running the system. It is sooo exciting!! Then eventually when ipads and iphone are implemented in the mission we as missionaries will have easy access! It is soooo excited how much technology is helping the work go forward! So, mission leaders- he is an idea for you and your wards. It is a big task! But the effort to reach out to members and lessacitves to get the info will be missionary work with in it's self! And the rewards of the labor are awesome!! 

If anything I encourage everyone to help the missionaries in your home town. We need you! Dinner is amazing! Thank you! But even more so is the joy of bring people we love, friends and family into the Gopsel. Thank you for all of the support! I love you all!
Thank you for reading my rants and giddy excitement! I hope I don't come off as too "missionaryish"- actually yes I do, I love this work! And a mission is only the beginning! Have a fantastic week! Thank you for the letters and emails of encouragement! I appreciate it SO much! "Have a blessed day!" (Oklahoman's always say that:)
Love Sister Rachel Edwards

Monday, July 22, 2013


Sister: Leavitt, Freeman, Edwards

Thank you for the email, support and love! I really am loving my mission. I wouldn't want to be any where else right now!  I love sharing the feeling I am having! I am meeting the most incredible people and serving with the most loving and hard working missionaries. Our ward is awesome! 

Sounds like things are going well and that makes me very happy to hear. I hope they are! I pray for you all every night! Thank you for everything! 

I am learning SO much! I am grateful for all that I am experiencing. Thanks for reading my letters! haha Glad people do! Will tell you more in my main letter.



Sister Leavitt cleaning out drain!

Yards here have statues. This is my favorite! Those that know me...I love elephants!


SLC Airport~ Sister Zambrana, Sister Edwards on their way to Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City~ Sisters: Freeman (Virginia), Edwards (Oregon), Leavitt (Utah)

I'm not sure what got me - but apparently I taste good. I have bites on my legs allll over - both misquitos and chiggars (nasty bugs in the grass eat me alive!) I think I have a spider bite on my arm - big and swollen and hard.... not good! but the members take care of me haha. I am allergic to mosquitos so they get bigger than a normal bite too

Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter 7

Oi!!!!! Oh my goodness I have so much to say I don't even know where to start!!!

Well- Hello from Oklahoma City! I have made it and settled in well. I have the BEST companions I could ever ask for! Sister Freeman is my trainer, she is from Virginia, DC area. She has an accent and is so sweet. She is a very hard worker and has an incredible testimony that just beams. Sister Leavitt is from South Jordan Utah. She is hands down awesome. She is extremely loving, open and  genuinely good at talking to people. She is hilarious. she doesn't go a day with out laughing and smiling. Her laugh is so contagious. I can't help but laugh with her, even if I don't know what is funny. 

Both of these Sisters are wonderful missionaries and I am learning sooo much from them. They are very patient and helpful. I am suppose to continue to learn Portuguese and even though they don't need to learn it they want to do everything they can to help me learn it. They study with me and quiz me and encourage me. I feel so blessed to be with these amazing missionaries and sincere and loving individuals. We all get along really well.
Okay- Oklahoma.... I love it! Besides the fact that the Lord helps you to love your mission, I really truly love it here! It is very flat, the sky is huge! The clouds are awesome and the sunsets are beautiful. The temperature is over 100 degrees before noon and until 9:00. It is humid!! But I prefer humid over dry, oddly.
We walk, bike and drive. Today it is pouring rain which is actually good because of the drought. It is really interesting how the drainage system works. There are not very many drains like in Oregon so the roads have a lot of water in them, but where there are drains, the water drains to giant canal where they collect all of the water. On the roads the don't have medians. It is just a double yellow line- everywhere. It makes turning little scary, but I'm not driving so I don't worry too much. They also have these bizzare white squiggly lines in random places in the roads. I still have yet to find out what those are all about. I'll let you know.
Oklahoma has more trees than I expected. Another mystery I have yet to discover the answer to is the noises in the trees! I am not sure if they are birds or bugs or snakes! It sounds like snakes hissing in the trees, but I haven't seen any creature yet. I really hope they are birds out of the 3 options I have come up with. 

{{ [Side note from Aunt Cadie]: Jeanette, tell Rachel the noise in the trees are cicadas.  They sound like high pitch electricity.....they start out with a slow noise and rise to high pitch and all of sudden they stop.  Then the cycle starts over.  It is very strange and they are scary looking but not dangerous.}}
You are probably wondering about the tornados. Yes, we have drills here and sirens that go off on Sautrdays to make sure they are working properly. Apparently the torando season is over, but you never know. They big one that you all saw on the news is in my mission. In fact it is really close to the mission home and office. It happened in Moore. I am serving in Oklahoma City North and South Edmund in a place called "The Village."  I am serving in a family ward (The village ward). Our ward is awesome!
We have some amazing members here! They love the missionaries! We are fed really well! Oklahoma is known for all the the restraunts and fastfood chains. Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE! The members like to take us out, yum yum! One place they are famous for is called Braums. It is an icecream/fastfood/lil organic grocercy store. The dairy farmer is local here and only send his icecream to places where is can be reached that same day to be fresh! It is good! Our district has a health goal so that we can attempt to stay in shape! haha
There are 6 missionaries serving in The Village ward, a sister trio (us) and an Elders Trio (Elder Anderson (DL) Elder Hoddy and Elder ) They are really outgoing and hard working Elders. We get along well with them. There are 3 other sisters in out district that are in a different area too, I don't know them as well yet. They serve in on campus and in student wards. Oklahoma is part of the Bible belt for sure!! Imagine Utah with all of the LDS churches on every block X2 but all different churches. There are soooo many! One thing we do to get others to at least try coming to our church is called a church exchange, where we go to service with them and they come with us to ours.
I have heard lots of stories from the missionaries here. I am looking forward to some new experiences! Over all the people her are VERY friendly. When we knock on doors we offer to pray with them and most people here really appreciate and like to pray with us. They are very faithful and God fearing and I am learning from their examples tremendously!
Okay, time to tell the tale of Sister Edwards First Dinner appointment! Holy Cow! SO, we went to this members home to be greeted at the door by a completely naked 2 year old boy covered is white... soap? The Sister was in the kitchen making food. She is vegan, and was making us vegan spaghetti. We helped her finish up the meal and she attempted to dress the boy but he apparently doesn't like clothes, so he remained undressed the whole time. She kept trying to cover him with a towel. It was.... funny, haha. She is a very sweet and hard working lady and isn't afraid to tell us anything! She told us all about how she just broke her tail bone and all the details that follow. She made us really delicious chocolate mouse made from avacados. I'll have to send the recipe. But yeah, it was really funny. We helped her out by scrubbing her floors and cleaning her house. It was a funny and humbling way to start the mission haha.
We were also fed by a member names Sister Phleps. Jeffrey her husbund works for Boeing-idk if that is how you spell it! She is a yoga instructor and apparently there is something called laughing yoga!!! Tresa we have to try this when I get back okay? Sounds super funny.
Emily Bishop I know you like Harry Potter and I think you would find it funny to know that there is a family here that has 8 boys and the enitire family is red headed and they remeind me so much of the Weasly's! Like not even kidding! I hope they dress up like that for Halloween :)
Teaching has been amazing! I love teaching and the spirit that is present when you promise someone something. We were tracting the other day and came across a lady who is incredible. She just moved her from Arizona. She had a strong community church group where she came from and is a very faithful lady. She came here to take care of her daughter and her new baby grandson. She speaks very openly about God's hand in her life. Since moving to Oklahoma she has been "Church Shopping." 
To back up, we knocked on her door and offered to pray with her. She really wanted to, but first offered us water and to come inside and cool off. (We were drenched in sweat from the sun and probably looked pretty pitiful). She got us water and we got talking and found all of this out. We ended up teaching her the entire first lesson and all about Joseph Smith and Preisthood and she committed to praying, reading the Book of Mormon and she set a baptisimal date for Aug 24 for when she come to know it is true! She invited herself to church before we even had the chance to spit out the words. It was amazing.
I know without a doubt that the Lord IS preparing his people to hear His word. We were inspired to be where we were to meet her. She told us we are an answer to her prayers and a sign from God and she is just so grateful and excited to meet us and make other friends thought Jesus Christ. I love her! She is amazing!
Since the day I got here we have found 7 new investigators and are working with several others from before I came. I am putting names to faces and loving this work. The people are so great!
There is one 17 year old boy that we has been coming to church with his grandma for 2 years and has been taught the lessons fromt he missionaries tons of times! My companions seemed very frustrated when explaining the situation to me. He hasn't been taught for two months, but yesterday we set up an appointment.
As the lesson went on I observed and listened the best I could to see if there was anything I could do an a new comer to this experience. Then, in a moment where he was going on and on about why he can't believe and and everything thing else his very logical and smart brain was spilling out, I interupted (first time I spoke the whole lesson haha) and simply asked, "Lenny, do you want to believe?" I was a little startled at myself for interupting, and the room went silent.
He looked at me and for the first time the whole lesson he didn't know how to respond. Eventually he came up with the answer "I don't know." After talking about every subject and gospel topic possible for the whole lesson it came to that.
Because he is a really smart kid and agrees completely with science I somehow got this idea (The spirit:) to challenge him to -want to believe- instead of taking the approach of studying the gospel only to test it. I even used the scientific method! (Thank you Mr. Rash for teaching me that in 7th grade!) He loved the idea. He got out paper and wrote his question and hypthoesis and plan and everything else. His question is to find out if he has a soul.
The entire experience was amazing. The spirit was very strong. I told him how I feel when I feel the Spirit testify to me. He "hypthosized" how he would feel IF he got an answer. I am praying that he truly and intently studies this out and tries believing because when he was telling us how sad he is to think that there is no life after death I wanted to cry. I felt that saddness he was explaining. I understood where he was coming from. I want him to be happy. I want everyone to know the joy that the Gospel brings when you believe and have faith in the knowlege we are given. I love this gospel and an so grateful for my testimony!
There is a lady in our ward here from Rainier Oregon!  Their last name is Britton! Does anyone know them? They know Ken Thomas.
There is another neat thing we do here is after eating with a member we do something called power hour where we asken them to pray for us that in the next hour combining our faith with theirs we will see a miracle. It works! It is amazing! We report to them after too! Try it with your missionaries!
Sorry I have to go! I love you all! Have a great week! Hope to hear from you soon! I'd love to hear about your missionary experiences:)

Love, Sister Edwards!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Arrival to Oklahoma City, OK

Hi everyone!! I made it to Oklahoma safely! Sorry I couldn't call we were swept away! 

Here is a picture of my mission president and his wife, tall huh!? President and Sister Walkenhorst.

Mission Office address where you send all my mail and packages:

416 SW 79th Street, Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73139-8121 

Love Rachel

Rachel with President and Sister Walkenhorst

Aundrea Kalauli: "I googled him and he played Basketball at BYU from 74-76:) I thought his name was familiar and thought he might've played in the NBA, but didn't see anything. He's 6'11" FYI."

Phone Call from Airport

Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter # 6 Week 6

Week 6?? It's unbelievable!!! How does time go by so fast!? Well everyone, in less than 24 hours I will be on my way to Oklahoma City!!!!! Sister Zambrana and I are soooo excited and way nervous! But mostly excited!
Okay, where to begin? I sent some pictures from the 4th of July. For the MTC it was really fun! All day we had In-Field Orientation. It was actually awesome! The MTC has great missionary programs, I am very impressed with all they do for us. Has anyone seen "The District"? If you remember Elder Christensen (Blonde Hair) he was my teacher during one of the break outs of in-field. He shook my hand and talked to me and I had no idea who he was. Then later after class everyone was getting pictures with him and Sister Downs and I realized who it was! haha it was funny. He's a missionary movie star haha. Anyways, the whole day got me really excited for the rest of my mission. I can't wait to get out into the field and get to know the members and meet people!
For the 4th of July we were able to watch the Staduim of Fire fireworks which was neat with so many missionaries. Before that, to keep us occupied we all watched 17 Miracles. I love that movie so much and still cry when watching it. Over all it was a great way to spend the holiday as missionaries. They also have us all these delicious icecream bars, super good!
Okay, so I dont have a lot of time to write because I am going crazy packing today! But I wanted to share a really cool experience that I had real quick! So this week we have a super special opportunity to skype with members in Brazil! It is like TRC where you practice visiting members homes and leaving a message with them. Only this time it was with natives! SO COOL! 

Technology is amazing! The first lady we Skyped with was at work, (it looked like a motorcycle shop or car place like jiffy lube or les shawab or something). Her computer was obviously at the front desk. In the middle of us talking to her she got up out of no where and left. (I think there was a customer). We didn't know what to do, so we waited a little bit...

After a few minutes we were about to get off when a guy (another employee) came to the front. He was just working and then noticed us there on the screen. Suprised he laughed and starting talking to us. (This is all in Portuguese and broken connection over the internet haha). We found out that his name was Sebastian and that he was not LDS, but Catholic. We talked about what we do as missionaries and we talked about families. We bore our testimonies and helped answer some of his questions. 

Then the lady (the member) came back. She told us that this was her coworker and that he doesn't know about Mormons. We asked him if he wanted a Book of Mormon and to learn more and he did! So the member told us she would give him a Book of Mormon and tell the missionaries there. It was so neat!!! We didn't expect to teach our first lesson (for real) that day! The Lady was so excited and thanked us for teaching him and kept telling us good job! haha 

I LOVE missionary work! I can't wait to go to Oklahoma and then to Londrina! I love the spirit and the power and influence it has in each of our lives individually. I love my fellow missionaries and am so sad to be leaving all of these Sisters that I have grown to love so much. But, the time has come and I am ready! (I hope). 

I love you all, and I know that Our Father in Heaven loves you and wants us to be happy. We can find such happiness through obedience and submitting our will to others. Thank you for all of your examples and love shown to me and helping to be where I am right now. I couldn't be more grateful for this life changing experience. Remember, we are allllll missionaries. The full time missionaries NEED you! More than for dinner ;) 

I need to go pack... woo! Okay, Eu sei que o evangelho de Jesus Cristo e verdadeiro e eu ama ser uma missionaria! Deus ama voces! Eu amo voces tambem!
Sister Rachel Edwards
 Sister Downs going to serve in Colorado, Sister Edwards going to Oklahoma.
Red, White and Blue

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mission Reassignment ~ Oklahoma!

Sister Edwards has been temporarily reassigned to the Oklahoma City, OK Mission ~ while she waits for her Visa to enter Brazil. She will arrive to Oklahoma early Tuesday Morning- July 9th.

Photos: Reading her new assignment and the 4th of July Celebration:

Email from Sister Rachel Edwards regarding her mission reassignment until her Visa is obtained to enter Brazil:  

I received my reassignment!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dear Sister Edwards,
 [At this time, we have not received your Visa to travel to your mission to Londrina Brazil.
You will be serving a temporary assignment in the OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA CITY MISSION until your visa arrives. You will leave Tuesday July 9th 2013 at 9:40am]
 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! There are several places that our district is being sent. Sister Zambrana and I are the only ones going to Oklahoma. We are very excited for the possibility to be helping with the relief effort from the Tornado. WE CAN'T WAIT TO GO!!!! AHHHH!!!!!
 LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! I will be able to call home from the Airport on Tuesday. 
Love Sister Rachel Edwards

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sister Rachel Edwards

Brazilian Chocolates from Mission President; 'Walking up the wall'; Missionary District; Provo, UT Temple

Letter #5, July 2, 2013

Week 5, now week 6, last week in the MTC!!!!!
Oi!!! Como Vai!?
Holy Cow!!! I possibly only have 4-6 days left in the MTC!!! That is crazy. I can't believe how fast it went by. I'm super excited to go into the field, but I also don't feel ready! I feel like there is so much to still learn and prepare. I told Irmao Buttars this (my teacher) and he said, "Sister Edwards, anytime you begin to feel comfortable on your mission, expect some change to come to be uncomfortable again. The Lord wants to make you stronger and wants to you grow. So, become comfortable being uncomfortable." woooo! He is very right.

I finally feel like I get this MTC thing. I finally figured out the schedule and things are rolling. Now it is time to go again! I can say though that I am waaaaay anxious and excited to receive my reassignment! I will find out this Friday. We have been told that that reassignments are calls made just like the first mission call we received. The quorum of the 12 make the assignments. It is still the inspired processes. That gives me a lot of comfort to know.

I know that if the Lord needed me in Brazil right now I would be there. But there is something else he wants me to experience first somewhere else and I can't wait to go to work where ever I am needed. It is about the work and the people, no me. I am called to be a missionary. That is my responsiblity and I feel privelaged to be a missionary at this time, "The Monson Era" as Jake Kirkpatricks Mission President says.

I love missionary work. I love the Spirit of the Lord and the people I am serving with. This is God's Army. I wouldn't want be anywhere else than here right now. I encourage anyone who is considering to serve a mission to do it! It is the best thing ever! You will love it. I love it! I want to be a missionary forever!!!! (And we all can be! As talked about it the Broadcast, we need the members to be apart of this work just as much as full time missionaries).

The work is hastening! Heavenly Father loves his children so much. I know with all of my heart that He does. It is up to us to let everyone know of that message. Being confident and bold in our testimonies is so important. We need to talk to everyone!
I have been studying a lot recently about the Abrahamic Covenant and the 12 tribes of Israel. For the first time in my life it has hit me how important it is to know our roles. I would love to hear what you understand about these covenants and promises and responsiblities. I have pages of notes and would love to add to them! :)
This week I received a package from my mission president and his wife in Brazil. They sent me a huge envelope of Brazilian chocolate!!!!! It was awesome, my district, teachers and I gobbled them up! YUM! I have the best Mission President is the world! :) I love them so much already and am so grateful for the opportunity to have already met them. I am so excited to go to Brazil.
Last Sunday we have the neatest devotional! We were able to hear from Janice Kapp Perry and her husband. I don't think I have laughed harder or cried more in any devotional. She was  the one who wrote several primary songs and also "As sisters in Zion." In the Marriott Center, with all of the missionaries we sang the new version of the EFY Medley she recently put out in May. It is specifically for missionaries. The new song is called The Army of Helaman and The Sisters of Zion.  When we sang it, the spirit touched each of us in such a powerful way.

We also sang a medley of all the primary songs she wrote. I grew up singing all those songs! I didn't realize what I testimony I had and how many truths I knew from simply singing primary songs. I love music and I love the spirit it can bring so quickly. I LOVE singing in the choir here too! My companion and I tried something new in our lessons we teach our investigators. We decided to learn primary songs in Portuguese. We were teaching about faith and sang "Faith" in portuguese at the beginning of our lesson. It invited the spirit faster than any other lesson. It was very neat!

Fernando committed to Baptism and it was a wonderful experience to be apart of. Many of you are thinking well they are not real investigators... and yeah they are actors. But they are portraying people from their lives and asking questions they would ask and answering how they would. It is so neat because I truly feel a special love for the people they are portraying. Teaching is so special and I am grateful for everything I am learning. Listening to the spirits promptings is essential in truly helping them to come unto Chirst. 

I have tons of pics to add! I'll put some lil story captions with them! Love you all! Have a GREAT, SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July Week!!!!! 

Love Sister Rachel Edwards