Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug. 11, 2014~ Londrina, Brazil

{Rachel had a very busy P-day (companion had to go to Dr) and only had a few minutes to write. I was concerned today as we usually receive an email from Rachel no later than noon (Oregon time). I emailed the mission office when it was getting close to 6pm (Brazil time), knowing emails must be sent before 6. 

I wanted to share a bit of an email I received from AP in office. He speaks only a little bit of English and I really appreciated the time he took to write to me in English letting me know that he contacted Rachel and that she was fine. She and her companion were delayed at the Dr. office.

Rachel serves right next to the mission office in Londrina, and she delivered cookies to all in office today. They all say that Rachel is gifted in taking care of everything and everyone. She is an example to all. She does not always share in the family and friend letter all of her kind deeds.}

Good day Sister Jeanette Edwards,

 Her daughter passed today by the Office of Mission and was doing many things in his P-day. She left the office around 17:30. She would have until 18 o'clock at night to send an email for you.

 She has been a valiant warrior and defender of truth in the Brazil Londrina Mission, and has been the example for their companions in obedience, diligence and dedication to missionary service.

 She is very well. She is a devoted missionary.  She and her partner have a family of 4 persons to be baptized this Sunday. She is very well and being very well maintained by the members of Ward they are serving.

 We are grateful for his special daughter, who has helped many children of Heavenly Father approached Him more.

 Thank you,

 Elder S. Pereira


Missão Brasil Londrina


From: Rachel :

Hello Everyone! 

This week was so stressful! I am exhausted. This is the last week of the transfer. It has really flown by! 

We had two baptisms fall this week. Both were interviewed but got nervous the last minute. We hope to help them out this week. We also had splits with the Sister Training leaders. I was with Sister Sedgwick. It is so cool to teach with her now. Very different than when I was being trained. 

We are teaching an awesome family that our recent convert Maycon passed to us. They are sooo prepared to hear the Gospel. The son went to church with us Sunday and then we met the family and taught them Sunday night. We are excited to teach them more. 

We also taught the most incredible 11 year old I have met in my life! She acts as is she was an adult. She is extremely smart and well mannered and presents herself sooo well. She understanded perfectly everything we taught her; Sadly she won't be able to continue with us because her mom is very against the church. 

We have tons of things to do this week and I am ecited to get rolling. Well,  I have to go. Sorry this is short. Have a great week!

Happy 16th Birthday, Jeffrey!

Love, Sister Edwards

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