Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014- Assis, São Paulo

Hey Everybody! What a long week! I will try to recall everything that happened.....

Monday we had a noite familiar. (FHE) It was really great, all about the plan of salvation. Mayara went. All of her family went to a big festa of a family friend but she wanted to go to noite familiar with us instead. She is so eager to receive and copy of the Doctrine and Covenants to read this week and get started on Personal progress. She is already planning to sew a dress with irmã Osana for one of her projects. I am so happy for her! She is progressing so quickly! 

She actively participates in the Sunday School and YW lessons. The teachers are very impressed with her. She went up and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting too! It was so neat! She talked about the Book of Mormon and how it fills the hole that she had in her heart before. She testified of how she knows that this is Christ's Church! 

I am very pleased with the progress of our recent converts, I love them each so much. I feel like see a glimpse of the love of Savior has for us and how God sees us when we choose the right. Being a missionary is the best! It is so special! 

Unfortunately this week irmã Eliana was leaving her house to bring her daughter to work and got in a horrible car accident! She was doing everything perfectly right. But sadly in the city center three 19 year old boys stole a car and robbed a store and the police were chasing them through the city streets. 

They entered her neighborhood trying to escape the police and almost hit many people and almost a motorcycle too. They ran a red light and widely turned on to the street the irmã was coming down. It was a head on collision. It completely smashed the front of the two cars. 

Eliana was using a seat belt that kept her in the car but completely beat up her chest and stomach and broke her rib. Her belly is black with bruises. Her daughter Jessica who is pregnant was not using a seatbelt (which Dr's told her was actually a blessing because if she had used it it would have killed her baby) but she hit her head in the wind shield and her legs are badly hurt too. Jessica's son was in the back in his car seat and only hurt his finger. The bandits didn't get hurt at all. The police took them all to jail. 

Eliana and Jessica both were kept in the hospital. We went and cleand her house and made lunch for them. The most amazing part is this Sunday everyone expected that she would stay home and rest but she called the chapel and asked for some one to pick her up and she went to sacrament meeting and bore her testimony. 

It was so beautiful, simple and clear that she knows God protects us and has a plan for each of us. She has trouble breathing because of the pain. I admire and love her so much!! She family is so special to me and also for Sister Bispo when she was here. Eliana was Sister Bispo's 'Mom' is Assis. I am so grateful the Lord protected them and that they were given more time to live here in the earth. He truly watches over us! It is also so important that we care for one another. We are the Lord's Hands.

We have teo baptisms coming up this week! One is Pedros little sister, Rafaela. And Rosilenes daughter, Thatyane. They are both young women, 14 years old. Pedro received the priesthood last week and will be able to baptize his little sister. She is very excited! He is too. 

Sunday was Pedros Birthday and all of our recent converts (who all live in the same neighborhood) helped us plan a suprise birthday party! It was a huge success and he was very pleased and grateful. His mother also was very grateful because with the recent loss of her husband (Pedro's Father, who sadly died from a heart attack last week) things have been really hard at home. She is beginning to see the friendships he has made though the church. She went to church for the first time this weekend and was able to hear Pedro also bear his testimony, It was great:) 

We have lots of plans for this week! Its going to be busy! We are going to be traveling for a zone conference! YES! I love conferences in the mission:) We learn so much! I also miss Presidente Genaro. haha seems like a while since I have seen him. This is also the last week of the transfer and so next week I will let you all know where my new area will be! Any guesses? and also.... if anyone has any FHE ideas, games and stuff... greatly appreciated! love you all. have a great week! 

Love, Sister Edwards

Sister Edwards w Pedro's dear Mother
Staying indoors when Brazil plays in the World Cup. Studying w microwave chocolate cake
Microwave chocolate cup cake
Antonio, Sister Edwards

Pedro turns 26.
Antonio and Rosilene made the whole party possible. 

Pedro is in light purple shirt

Worn out a 4th pair of shoes. ;)

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