Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014~ Londrina, Brazil

Dear Family and Friends,

Holy Cow! What a week! I don't even know where to start! So much has happened. 

Monday- I wrote you all about the transfers. That day we cleaned our apatment like crazy to be spikin span and then headed to Londrina. We arrived to Londrina at night and went to sleep at a house that Sisters are living in (it is now Sister Sedgwicks area!! Cool we are in Londrina together!) 

Tuesday- The next day all the trainers met at the church in the city center to pick up the new missionaries. We had a brief training and then... they arrived. We got assigned our companions and I was put with SISTER NASCIMENTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is from Santos São Paulo. She is 26. She is amazing! We are are such great friends already, She is a very hard worker and we are loving working together. We are very alike and our differences compliment the other. She speaks Engish fluently and we are going to be teaching a free english class at the church. She is extremely motivated and determined. We went to our house in our area to find that the previous Elders had left it a MESS. It looked and smelled as if it had never been cleaned! We spent the rest of the day cleaning. 

Wednesday- We cleaned more and got started working. We met tons of members. Our Ward mission leader is heaven sent. He is incredible! We ate at the Bishops house for lunch and he help us split up and learn more about the area. The members are all soooo wonderful! This is the first time EVER this ward has had Sisteres. They are very excited! We are too! oh I forgot, the name of our ward and area is Vivi Xavier. It is the north side of Londrina. Londrina is so huge!!!!!! It is very busy too. But it is a really beautiful city. Our area hits the end of the city and so there is a tons of incredible landscapes and farming and then looking the other way a giant awesome scene of the city center in the distance. Our area also has tons of hills! 

Thursday- We ended up navigating ourselves (still without a map) to the mission office to pick up supplies and an area book. We talked to tons of people and then had a meeting in the church with the leader and the ward missionaries. We were still organizing our area, house and everything too. 

Friday- We worked contacting lots of people. One house we went to was suppose to be a young lady we talked to in the street. She gave us a false address (which is normal haha) and we ended up meeting someone else who is 100% ready to hear our message! She is legally married and has 3 adorable boys. Two of them have the age of baptism. She really liked our message and is trying to now stop smoking to be baptized. 

Satuday- We had another Festa Juninha! We arrived at the right time! :) We invited our new investigating family and they went! They really liked it too! We got to know our area a lot better. It is so great! Filled with awesome people! We also visited a few recent converts and less actives.

Sunday- The family went to church with us. The members were quick to make them feel welcome. The boys made friends easily and loved primary. Their mom, Simone, also loved church. We are so excited for them! We also met some other great investigator who we are excited to teach. I really saw how the Lord guided us and then literally put these people in our pathway. At church we all spoke and introduced our self. It was neat because we were announced as the pioneer warriors of the ward, the first Sisters ever. They are thrilled and so are we! It is humbling to be trusted with this responsibility.

I love this area already and cant wait for what is to come! Love you all and am praying that you have a successful week! 

Love Sister Edwards

Rachel walks everywhere and has only been in a car 3 times over the past year. She gets motion sickness very easily now. 
Elder Delgado serves in mission office.
Sisters Sedgwick, Nascimento, Edwards
Sisters Azevedo, Oliveira, Nascimento, Edwards
Sister Nascimento means 'Birth' in English
Awesome family in Londrina
Taught them Skills learned in Africa
Repairing lights
Changing light bulbs
It's cold in Brazil right now
Puppy is named Scooby
Simone, Rachel
Downtown Londrina
Share apartment

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