Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014- Assis, São Paulo

Dear Family,

What an incredible week! We had the privilege to be a part of Mayara's baptism! She is the daughter of Sueli (our recent convert). It was such an incredible  experience. When my former companion, Sister Bispo, and I were together, we tried to teach Mayara but it was clearly not her time. If I were to tell you everything you would not believe who you are seeing in the picture. She is 100% different. A whole different person. The Atonement is so real, for everyone! The joy that I have in my heart to be able to witness such a change is so great I am not able to express it. 

We had a family home evening with all of our recent converts and just to see them all together, participating, laughing, sharing testimonies, teaching one another, and loving and serving, I just wanted to cry! Each of these people have been changed through Christ. And they are eager to serve in the church. 

There have been so many male baptisms in the branch, that this week they started a new Sunday School class called Priesthood Preparation. Our RC's are loving it! They are so excited to receive home teaching partners and visit the members. They are extremely willing to serve. 

Sueli and Mayara want to know how they can be more involved in visiting teaching. Mayara taught with us allll day Sunday. She is adorable with her Book of Mormon, knocking on doors, and wanting to invite others to church. She wants to read and learn everything! 

I feel like Alma when he is trying to express the joy and love he is feeling, but doesn't find the words he would like. I do not have words either! I just love being a missionary and want to call everyone to repentance so that thay can repent and be baptized and feel this same joy! The Spirit is so reliable! Only though the Spirit, is conversion possible. 

I am so grateful for the Spirit in my life and this work. I know this is the work of the Lord. I know Christ lives. He loves us and atoned for us. We need to obey, repent and serve. 

I love my recent converts and all the members here in Assis. It is sad to think that my time here is coming to an end. I will take advantage of these next 2 weeks! 

Does anyone have any ideas for family home evenings? Games, lessons... please share your thoughts... my idea well has run dry! haha thanks!! 

Love you all, and pray you have successful, happy filled weeks! 

Wedding Congrats Sabrina! I love you!!!! 

Love, Sister Edwards 

Claudio, Mayara. Claudio is Mayara's uncle. He baptized her.

Mayara, Valcir, Sueli, Baby Carla, Sister Edwards

Branch Members taking care of one another.
Sueli studying when we arrived at her home. 
This photo had everyone laughing...'the invisible belly of Claudio'
Family Home Evening. All recent converts together. Loving, laughing, serving.
FHE lesson

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