Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014- Assis, São Paulo

Dear Family and Friends,

What a great week! This week the WORLD CUP has begun. As
missionaries we don't watch any of the games, obviously, buuut we talk
to everyone in the street soooo we kinda always know what is going on

My companion is crazy about Soccer and she has a list of scores
going on our wall haha. We really don't need to watch because everyone
one tells us about the games afterwards. Brasil is crazy for soccer
and the whole city shuts down when Brazil is playing. Seriously, no
school,  no work... nada! 

We, as missionaries, received a letter from the
Apostles... yes, and they told us that during the days that Brasil is
playing we have to stay indoors from 3 in the afternoon until the next
day. It in dangerous in the streets cuz lots of people drink and also
no one will actually stop to listen to us because they are all
watching the game! So this past Thursday we stayed inside and
reorganized our Area Book (Over 1,800 addresses). Tomorrow Brasil is
up again. I wonder what we will do...

Anyways. This week was really great! We had a baptism!!! Last Sunday,
we had a man named Marcio come to church. The week before we had just
been walking down the street and there was a man (motorcycle taxi
driver) picking someone up. He was waiting in front of her house. As we
walked by we invited him to come to church. He seemed very excited
with our invite and gave us his number to call him. Saturday we called
him and he said he would go. So we waited there and he showed up!

During principles of the Gospel Class we watched the restoration movie
(PERFECT). He loved church! He felt the spirit so strong! Later when
we taught him he told us that as a child he had seen movies about the
Mormon people and always wanted to learn more. He said that for years
as a moto taxi driver he has seen missionaries and always wanted to
talk to them but we were the first ones to stop and talk to him. He
wanted to be baptized right away! He stopped smoking and drinking
coffee. The spirit hit him so strong that he said the desire to smoke just
left. He just wants to follow Christ. He is so inspiring... I admire
him a ton. 

He has passed through sooo much in his life and this was
literally his moment to hear the gospel. He bore a beautiful and
sincere testimony at his baptism. He is anxious to receive the spirit.
The elders quorum sang a musical number really awesome of Elders in
Israel to welcome him to the quorum. The Spirit was so strong! We all
left filled:)

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I love you so much and am so grateful for your
love and support to me!

Have an incredible week!!!!

Love Sister Edwards

Baptism de Marcio

Using Claudio's old fashioned phone through the window :)
Happy Father's Day!

World Cup!

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