Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014~ Assis, São Paulo

Helllllllooooooo Familia!!!

How is everyone? I received some very happy emails this week! Thanks
to everyone who wrote me! I printed out your emails and will read them
later on today! One hour to write goes by really fast. I am horrible
at responding but I read EVERYTHING and love it too! This week will be
really short.

We are teaching some great people. José, Joaquim and Anisia. Jose
asked for a Book of Mormon on the internet and received us really
well. He enjoyed our message a lot and is excited to learn more and
read the Book of Mormon. Jose is an elderly man who can hardly walk but
took a city bus to church and for half an hour walked aroud the
neighborhood searching for the chapel. He uses a walker. He is very
faithful and wants to learn. He is deaf and so it is hard to teach
him. We literally shout the lessons in his ear haha. But he
appreciates it. He and his wife Anisia are progressing well. Anisia
understands well our message.

This week was busy.  We talked to over 180 people! We have a lot of
goals this week! Thank you for the love and prayers! Sorry this is
short! Love you all!

Sister Edwards

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