Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014- Assis, São Paulo, Brazil

Olá Família e amigos!!! 

I am happy to be writing you all once again! The weeks fly by! 

This week we had a great result from our new idea for the Branch. We have put into practice an activity to help the ward get involved in missionary work and help this Branch become a Ward. We bought a nice framed picture of Christ and printed out a quote from President Monson about members and missionaries coming together in the Work of the Vineyard. 

Each week, a family is randomly chosen in sacrament meeting to receive the picture to put in their home. That week they have the responsiblity to help the missionaries. All week long! Whatever it may be. They kindly choose to teach with us, or give us references, or share a meal with us, or family home evenings, etc. And each person in the family participates- children, youth, everyone. Then the next
Sunday, they have a few minutes to share their testimonies and experiences with everyone about how the week went. It works GREAT. 

All the families get excited to see who will recieve it next and what opportunites they will have to help us out. And everyone's testimonies are really strengthened as they actively participate. This week, a sister named Neusa had it. She has been a member for less than a year and is firm as a rock. She loves helping us! She drove us around in her car this week which was a HUGE change in our normal day work. We are use to walking all over the city. I have to admit i got a little car sick since I haven't been in a car for so long. But we got to our appointments really quick! haha We also visited a lot of less actives this week. I really saw how important it is that we reach out and help those in need. I have a strong testimony of the importance of home and visiting teaching.

We are also starting something with all the members during our lunches (we eat lunch with them, not dinners). The message we are sharing, and putting into practice is, a promise of an Apostle. It is called the 21 day prayer. During our zone conference we were promised that if we pray for a person or investigator for 21 days straight, that person will see a miracle in their lives those 21 days. But you cannot miss a day! I invite you all to print out a calendar and with your families think of a person that you would like to reach out share the Gospel with, or a person in need, or whomever! Then as a family, plan out your 21 day prayers. Each night or morning or time you pray as a family, pray for this person. And as a promise from an Apostle, this miracle will happen for them. This is one of the same and simple ways we can all be involved in missionary work.

Funny story that I found out this week. One night we were really hungry so we stopped by a cart to buy a hambuger. In English, the word is "cheese burger." In Portuguese, on the menu they put "X- Burger" I asked what that was. They explained that is was a burger with cheese. Then I laughed as I remembered the "X" in portuguese is pronounced "shees" Which sounds like "cheese" So this week I had a Shees Burger. The people looked at me funny when I started laughing at my own thought process. haha

Well I planned a ton of other things that I wanted to write, but time is short. Real quick, I have been studying about the Atonement of Jesus Chirst. I read an amazing talk from Brad Wilcox titled, "His Grace is Sufficient"... I HIGHLY recommend it. It really opened my eyes. 

I am excited beyond words to watch General Conference this weekend with you all! I love Conference!!!! 

I pray that all is well with you and hope that you are seeing the Lord's Hand in your life, as I am in mine. I know He knows each of us personally and has a plan behind everything that happens in our lives. We just need to trust in Him, be obedient and love as He loves. I Love you allll !!!! 

Love, Sister Edwards

Thank you Irmã Neusa for the car ride!
Rachel: 'He Reminds me so much of Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano Guys!'
Feeding a bird
Beautiful Brazilian Sky
Beautiful Sunset (Dead Mango Tree)
Roberto's Birthday

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