Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 - Assis, São Paulo, Brasil

Dear Family,

First, Happy St. Patricks day!! (aka my half birthday haha)

WOW. I am feeling very overwhelmed with love from all the many many emails I received today. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!! I wish I had words to express how I am feeling today. 

Today is tranfsers!!! Sister Butler and Sister De Moura our amazing Sister Training Leaders that we lived with are on their way home! They finished their mission. I am going to miss them a lot here in Assis. They were incredible example to me.

This city of Assis was split into two areas with 4 sister missionaries to work the branch. But now they closed the area and Sister Bispo and I are responsible for the WHOLE city! The branch actually includes Assis and other small neighboring cities. It will definitely be an adventure this transfer! We have a ton of goals and are reallllly excited to get going. 

This week was really great. We had a tons of help from members and really saw a difference that it made. Members: Your testimonies are GOLD. When a member (or normal person... in the eyes of an investigator) bears testimony their hearts are touched and they really see the Light that you have. As missionaries we have the sacred and special privilege to be a representative of Jesus Chirst for a designated amount of time and people see the difference in us. But when you combine the light of a faithful missionary with the love and light of a faithful humble member, it is impossible to deny! I feel this especially with todays youth. Thank you for sharing your light, testimonies and love! 

I have been studying recently about the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. I invite you to reread the well known chapters of 2 nephi 31, 32 and 33. I love the words of nephi. He really does speak so clearly. I have a strong testimony that that is the ONLY WAY back to our Father in Heaven. Only the Pure Gospel of Chirst can truly save us. I think it is also interesting that those who dont yet understand these truths cant blame it on being complicated. It is our own responsiblity to search out truths and answers and because the gospe l is clear and pure the spirit will testify in our heart and we will begin to comprend what we are learning, but we must search it out! 

We had some great lessons with our recent convert Roberto. He is so converted. He taught some lessons with us this week and testified with such power and authority of what he knows to be true. It was a very humble and gratifying moment to see him applying all we taught him. He received the preisthood this week! He was so happy and I admired so much his faith and dedication. We are now teaching his son and  daughter in law. Talk about prepared hearts!!! We are very excited for them!

We also are teaching a young man named Vitor. He is getting baptized this next sunday. He has been waiting for a long time for permission from his parents. He is 16. He loves the book of mormon and loves studying the scriptures and learning. He is very open minded and obedient. This is the first time he is recieve the lessons from missionaries. What a privielge to teach someone so ready to hear the truth! 

I love the work of the Lord. If i could I would be a missionary forever... scratcht that.. I will be! I am extremely happy to hear all about Leonardo's baptism. What an incredible day for him and his family:)

Love you all! have an amazing miracle filled week! Dont forget that we are all instruments in the Lords hands and he will use us if we are willing and worthy.

I love this Gospel and I love you!

Love, Sister Edwards

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