Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014- Assis, São Paulo, Brazil

Hello family and friends!

I had a great week! Full of ups and downs and turn arounds. We had Zone Conference in Marília! It was soooo great! Our assistants gave a GREAT training. I felt so strongly the need to make differences in my personal life to become who the Lord expects and knows I can be. I love meetings and conferences because they really help me to reflect on my progress as a missionary and get recharged and going again. Sometimes we fall into patterns that seem normal but moments like this call us out and show us our potential, reminding us of our ultimate goals. I admire my President so much! He is very spiritually intuned and dedicated to his calling and the Lord. He is a great example to me. He was really sick that day but he still gave the 3 hour training he had prepared. The spirit filled the chapel as he testified. I learned so many new truths. It was great! 

One of the other great things was that I finally received mail!!!!!!!!! YES! Just like christmas! This time.. literally.. haha. 
Thank you- Amber, Thayne, Min, Ethan, and Jayne, for the Christmas package!! 
Thank you- Blake for the Birthday Present! 
Thank you- Lehi YSA 2nd Ward for the letters and Christmas package!! 
Thank you MOM!!!!!!!!! the the incredible stuffed package! AHHHH!!! 

I am still so overwhelmed with the love everyone shows me! I feel that I dont deserve all this but I truly appreciate it, more than words can express! My companion is really excited too! I think I am set on goodies for the rest of the year with all these packages put together haha. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I receive the best news today! Remember our sweet convert, Taisha, from Oklahoma? She is strong in the church and is preparing to go on a mission!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here in Assis, Vitor was all set to get baptized yesterday but at the last minute his mom said that he needs to wait more time. He is so patient and loving and understanding. We are fasting a praying for him. He is a great example for his family. His day will come for sure! We are doing all we can to help him and I have no doubt that he will be baptized sooner than we all know it! 

Our house was infested with ants this week. Everyday was a 'fun' game of "how many thousands can you kill?" They sure migrate fast. Today was a deep cleaning of our apartment. I dont think it has ever been cleaner. Brasil has soooo many ants. In Portuguese they are called Formigas. You know the feeling of when your leg falls asleeps? They call it "formagindo" which is like ants are crawling all over ya. haha thats the random fact of the day.

Well, this week is full of promise. We were a little lost this week exploring the newer areas of our now gigantic area! But thanks to our handy dandy old fashion map we found our way around. We met lots of people and are excited for the new projects here. 

Thanks for the love and support! I appreciate all the emails. I pray all is well where ever you are! Have a wonderful inspiring week!! 

Love, Sister Rachel Edwards

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