Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 Assis, São Paulo

Hello Everyone!

This week was good, not our best, but not the worst. I think it is interesting how we really do need to experience opposition in all things to recognize the goodness and joy that is available.

This Sunday we had 3 new investigators in church. Our Pastor friend didn't make it to church this week although, we were able to teach him the plan of Salvation this week and he had lots of great questions. And, before we invited him to be baptized he began to talk about the changes in his life that would have to happen in order for him to be a part of the church. So he had already been thinking about baptism and is receiving an answer about this, the Restored Gospel! The thing he is struggling with, is the feeling of not being at the 'top' anymore... PRIDE my friends is a sin difficult to let go of...We are trying to help him realize the blessed opportunities he will have as he learns more about the Priesthood. 

One young man, Humberto, that came for the first time yesterday really liked how he felt there (the Spirit!!!). It is a neat story. We met him on Saturday when we went to go visit his Mom, who we had met in the street that week. When we got there he also was there, and we taught them both about the Restoration. He was very interested to learn these new things but was reluctant to visit the church on Sunday. We prayed with them and promised them the blessing of Church attendance. 

The next morning, we stopped by his house to see if he would go to church with us. His mom answered and said he was in the shower. She said that Humberto woke up early. He wanted to go back to sleep but he saw the Book of Mormon and pamphlet we left and picked it up and started to read. He decided he needed to go and got up to get ready. She said this was different for him to do something like that, "reading the Bible in the morning, in bed." He went to church on his own and really enjoyed it! We are excited to continue to teach him.

All the youth went to FSI, the new EFY ('Especially For Youth') this week. It was sooo incredible to hear all of their testimonies when they got back. All were eager to help us:) One young man, Jarede, helped teach with us yesterday. His bore the most sincere testimonies in each lesson. I am so impressed with the faith of the youth today. They are truly living what they believe and serving with all their hearts as Christ did. They radiate His love.

I am so happy many youth from my former area, in Maringa, were able to attend EFY. I am so excited for Leonardo's baptism this week! I am so happy for him and wish I could be there in person. Parabéns nosso eleito!!!! :)

Thank you for all the love and support! I love you all and I know this is where the Lord needs me in my life right now. He has a plan for all of us and loves us each individually. I love being a missionary and would not trade this time for ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Rachel Edwards

Still utilizing skills learned in Africa...

Cute lil puppy...
Ward Mission Leader's Birthday BBQ 
Happy Missionary

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