Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec. 02, 2013- Maringa City

Oi tudo mundo!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure did! We were in Londrina for our mission tour with Elder Costa the Presiding Seventy for Brasil. He and his wife spoke to our whole mission. The spirit testified for strongly and clearly that all he was saying was true. I know that he has been called of God to do the work he is doing. 

He spoke and taught us with such love and conviction of the work of Missionaries and our role of Gathering Zion.  I loved learning how to be 'better.'  Before my mission, "change" was something- a 'word' that made me- cringe before smiling. Now, I see how much 'change'  really is, so good, and helps us grow and become more like Christ and our Heavenly Father. It really helps us to be the missionaries we have been called to be and to truly prepare to return to our Father in Heaven one day and be comfortable in his presence knowing that we have done all that we could. 

I do not ever want to waste a minute here. This time really is precious. 

The Mission Tour was truly the best part of the week. Well needed. And - We just started teaching an amazing and prepared family... yes a family!!! Golden!!! But they are moving out of our area this week... I am very gratful they will continue to be taught but wondering what the Lord is teaching us with this change...who needs us? Who are WE suppose to be teaching right now. The Lords way is always better... just requires some patience:)

This up coming week we have FHE with Leonardo's family!!! This past week we had a miracle and had the opportunity to teach his mom. Twice!! She is more open than we thought. She would like to know more about what Leonardo is learning. But will not let him be baptized until he has 6 months in the church. So... We are planning his baptism for March 22. I don't think that Sister Sedgwick or I will be here that day. But I pray that we get special permission to return:) We will see!! I will never lose hope. Leonardo is a very special young man with so much in store. I am so excited to see the plan and blessing the Lord has waiting for him. 

Quick funny story... The other night we were walking home and this GIANT cockroach appeared out of no where and started chasing us!! No joke! Down the road... we were running from a cockroach and my companion was looking backwards and almost tripped over a man sleeping in the street. It was sooo funny.

I hit my 6th month this friday. Time is FLYING by!! Only 24 days til Christmas. Everyone is putting up lights and decorations for 'Natal.' 

Okay- I love you all!!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Rachel Edwards
Elder Beaudoin and Sister Edwards from Rainier Oregon Stake! 
Sisters Sedgwick, Edwards
10 sisters, 1 apt, 1 bathroom, up before 4am to ride 5am bus to Londrina.
On the bus!
Beautiful trees in Maringa

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