Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014- Londrina

What a crazy week! We had sooo much going on this week. I really got a feel for Sister Training leader. I am sooo tired! To sum it up, we are like the firemen, who get a call and have to go running to help. 

This week there was a sister who had to go home because she needs surgery and so we were running all around getting her ready to leave. The emergency tansfers happened super late at night and we had to get sisters from there bus at 11pm at night. We also did splits with some sisters that were having some problems. It was fun to be able to go around everywhere. 

I admire Sister Sedgwick. She is so dedicated and a great example to me. It is fun to visit and help the other sisters. I am finding an even greater love for each of them.

We had a leadership counsel. I learned so much. I love being able to work close to Presidente and Sister Genaro! We also had interviews with President and I love being able to talk to him and hear his counsel for me. He is so loving and devoted. 

We had our zone conference this week which was very inspired. Our zone leaders are soooo great! They use the sciptures a lot and teach with the spirit. 

I had to do a few medical exams this week. I went to a laboratory and they took my blood and I remembered how much I like my phlebotomy class and I think I will do it again when I go home.. maybe I still dont know what I will do for sure. 

We had a huge miracle this week! We were able (Along with everything else going on) to teach Kelvin! He was baptized this Sunday. He is GOLDEN! He is 16 and so excited to serve a mission. His uncle is serving a mission right now. His story is so cool. First we  have Jose. He was born in the church and this year went to FSY. At FSY he received a Book of Mormon and was told to pray about a friend to give it to. He prayed and decided to give it to Bruno. Bruno got baptized 6 months ago. Bruno lives in our area. Bruno started bringing Kelvin to church activities. Kelvin loved it. 

He, with his two friends want to be a missionary. We were able to help him start this journey! Bruno baptized him yesterday! It was sooo neat! One friend baptizing another who goes and baptizes another! The Youth are incredible!!!!!! I invite all of you priests to do the same! You can literally bapitze your friends. I invite you all to pray about your friends and invite them to meet the missionaries. You have 2 years as a priest to prepare for your mission. How will you prepare? Start making plans and goal right now! 

I love being a missionary and seeing how the Spirit truly changes lives!! 

I pray that we can all go out and help our friends find this pathway to return to our Father in Heaven.

Love you all!

Love Sister Edwards

PS Jeffrey! You are a priest now. :)

Training Sisters
Traveling on bus with cookies ;)
Kelvin's Mother

Kelvin and friends

Kelvin's Baptism

Sister Training Leaders
Together again!
Temperatures are very hot. Sweating a lot today..cooled off with Açaí Fruit Drink
New dress sewn for Rachel 
A desk instead of a kitchen table to study. ;) Rachel's desk is on right. 

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