Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014 - "Farewell Maringa"

OOOOIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! Minha Família e amigos!!! 

I am being transfered! To Assis, São Paulo. I leave tomorrow to Londrina and then on Wednesday from Londrina to Assis. My new companions name is Sister Bispo (Bishop is English). I have already met her. She is very funny and has a toooon of energy. I look forward to working with her! 

Happy 14th Birthday Ryan!!! I love you so much and am mind blown you are 14 now.... wow! 

This week was really good. We taught a lot of people. Members really got involved this week which is always great. Secret favor the missionaries ask of the members: Please please please.... keep it simple! The first lesson witha n investigator doesn't need to include every single deep doctrinal point:) Thanks!!! haha... had some funny awkward moments. Anywaysssss......

We had an activity at the church about the plan of Salvation. Bispo gave a great lesson powerpoint on it. We had lots of investigators there which was super great. One of our investigators brought her 5 year old grandson who has never been to church before. His Mom doesn't go to church, his Dad is not apart of his life and his Grandma (who takes care of him because his Mom works) is just being introduced to our church and doesn't have very much religious background. 

I think this child skipped the part of the plan where we pass through the veil and forget what we learned in the pre-mortal life...because he knew allllll the answers! It was the CUTEST thing! He sat there so quietly and reverently. He cannot read but he tried to sing along with the Hymns. 

When Bispo would ask a question he would answer perfectly with out hesitation. We were all astonished! Literally my mouth dropped open to hear it all. He explained what resurrection is and how we are in our life to learn the prepare like a dentist who has to go to school to learn. SERIOUSLY! I was AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!! His Grandma was too, she had no idea who he knew it all. It was funny because the Bishops 5 year old son was jealous he knew more and tried to answer faster than him haha. 

Our adult investigators were very impressed with the children and their knowlege of the Plan of Salvation. When it came time to leave the church he began to cry because he didn't want to leave. I know with out a doubt why the Lord teaches us to become like the little children. They are precious, they are pure and they are sooo close to God and his spirit. We have so much to learn from them.

One other expereince really quick was we were walking down the street and as we walk we look for people who are out of their house or houses that apprear to have people home so that we can talk to them. We passed by one house that appared to have no one home and I had a quick though that said "bata aqui" but I kept walking, thinking about our next appointment. The moment I stepped passed their house I heard a man yell "SISTER!" I quickly went back and this man came out of the house. 

He said, "I have two people here for you to baptize!" I instantly judged this shirtless, somewhat dirty man, thinking he was crazy or drunk or something. But I continued to talk to him and I found out that he was a member. He has been inactive for a long time. He was baptized in another state and is new in this city. He lives there with a lot a family and when he saw us he remembered the church and wants to invite his family. The whole thing was strange but very cool! Definitely led by the spirit! I know the Lord knows his Sheep, each one! Sadly I am being transfered but I pray the next sisters help them with their needs! 

We had a great family home evening with our Eleito Leonardo. We taught about Lehi's dream and the Tree of life. It was really cool because we used rope as the rod of iron that led to their tv room with a projector that had a picture of the tree of life. We had his Dad be Lehi and arrive at the tree first. The other people there tempted the other family member to leave the rod and his Dad watched as they struggled to meet him. It was really cool to watch this nonmember family embrace the truths of the Gospel and understand the importance of family unity and helping each other stay on the path. Leonardo is blessed with a wonderful family who supports him in his decision to follow the example of Jesus Chirst. I pray I can come back for his baptism!!! 

I hope you all have a great week! It will be a new one for me full of new experiences, people, everything! Thanks for your love and support! 

Love Sister Rachel Edwards

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