Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb. 17, 2014 - Assis, São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Family,

What a GREAT week! I love Assis! I love my companion! I love our investigators! I love being a missionary and I love you all! And... Happy Valentines Day! haha That was not planned... I really do love all these things. 

This week we worked SUPER hard. It felt so good and satisfying. We met several new investigators with a lot of potential. We finally met all of the members of the branch. We are not completely lost in the city now. Things are going really well. My companion is incredible. We laugh, we cry, we teach, and we drop dead tired every night. She is the definition of dedication and I am so grateful for her example. 

It has been so neat this week as we have been trying to do different things to get different outcomes. Change is so important. If you are not getting the results you want, you have to change something to receive something different. 

Last Sunday we had planned a Family Home Evening with a less active. We made a cake and she wrote an invitation and we went knocking on a random neighbors door to invite them to FHE. They accepted graciously and excited to meet their neighbor. The next day sadly, the neighbors weren't home when we went to have the FHE. 

Sister Bispo... without losing hope, saw a young man walking down the street. She shouted "Hey you!!!" It was like a movie. He looked behind him to see who she was shouting out. "No, You!!!" He pointed at himself curiously and confusingly. "Yeah, you! come here!" Sister Bispo was smiling so big, it was so funny. I was so surprised at what she was doing. He came over and we introduced ourselves and invited him the the family home evening. He happened to live on the same street. He said that he has visitors at his house. We invited them too! We went and got everyone and they came and met this family and we had a great family home evening. It was good because it was casual and fun and an easy introduction to the church. 

I know that Family Home Evening is to strengthen our families. It is also a great opportunity to invite the missionaries and investigators. Who doesn't like a great night of food games singing and an awesome lesson from the missionaries? haha seriously though, its is a great thing to do and I invite you all to invite the missionaries and your friends and neighbors. This is the gospel, sharing the gospel through simple ways. 

This week we had a ton of rain, which was a great break from the hot hot hot sun. It didn't just stormed. We found ourselves soaked to the bone on serveral occasions. Luckily people here are really nice and give us towels to dry off when we enter. Last night a huge storm came out of nowhere. We didn't know where we were so we were looking at our map. Within two seconds it was pouring and windy. There was a ton of dirt in the wind and were were so wet and dirty. It was hard to see because it was getting dark. I saw a house and I ran to it and yelled "podemos entrar??!!!" This random house was full of family for a birthday party of a one year old. I didn't know that, of course. The let us in and we ended up teaching the whole family! It was such a neat experience! 

This week I also had a suprise visit from the Beaudoin family!!! I was soooo great to see them and so cool I got to serve in the same mission as Hunter. They brought me beef jerkey and I was sooo happy and excited! Good luck in the real world Elder! :) 

I hope you all have a great week! Dont be afraid to try something different! Different results will occur, probably better that you expected! :)

Love you!

Love Sister Edwards

Lots of rain!
Kind Family who rescued Sisters from the rain storm!
St. Bernard PUPPY
Talented artist, he is from Japan, lived in Italy, now in Brazil, and is proud to look like Santa.
RC. Beautiful !
Sisters Bispo/Edwards- traveling very early in the morning on way to missionary mtg.
Sisters Butler/Edwards
Good way to cool off in the hot, hot weather!

Kimberly Beaudoin with Rachel
Elder Beaudoin, John and Kimberly Beaudoin, Sis. Rachel Edwards
Beaudoins with Rachel. Thank you for the visit !

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