Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013- Maringa City, Brazil

Oi Todo Mundo!

This week was a million times better than last week:) It is so true that blessings follow trials. Thank goodness! haha So.. I didn't get transfered!!! Yay!!!!! And I am with Sister Sedgwick again!! WOOHOO! We were sooo excited! We have so many goals and plans. We found that now that I am not training we have a lot more time to work! We were in studying and training for 4 hours (which we both loved the spiritual nurishment, dont get me wrong!) But now we have more tine to visit and teach. It is the first time for both of us being 'out of training.' Exciting! 

We are teaching a young man named Lucas. He is 18 and is great!!! We met him through Terezinha our other investigator. She has a beautiful singing voice and she made our shirts from scratch. She introuduced us to her other seamstress friend, Gisele. Gisele invited us over and we met her younger brother Lucas who just moved in with her. He has been going though a lot of struggles in his life right now. His family (parents) live in another city and he is trying to get life figured out. Wow, the Lord has such great planning skills! Guess who he met? Us! He is new in the city, doesnt have friends.. looking for a purpose... yes! He is great. He came to church this sunday and really liked it. We felt impressed to ask Leonardo to come to a lesson with us (He also is a Membro Missionario de PODER!!!!... Even though he hasnt been baptized yet. His faith is so strong and he helped us so much with Lucas.) Leonardo didnt hesitate one moment to share his testimony of how the gospel has changed his life. I think that this helped Lucas a ton. Yesterday night we watched The Restoration movie with Lucas Leonardo and Felipe and Irmã Devanir. The spirit was so strong! Lucas felt it and even told us that he accepted to be baptized! I wish I could relay all the detail for you:) Just imagine pure joy and happiness! It was great! We are going to work with him everyday this week. The youth are great and really reaching out to welcome him. 

We put on a fireside for the ward on the Work of Missionaries and helped them to understand their purpose and role as members. We used the talk from Conference by Elder Neilson. He gave 3 things we need to do as members. One was to pray for the missionaries and their investigators by name. So on the board we wrote all of our names and all of our investigators names. We had them write them all down and they all committed to praying for us and our investigators. It was a really tender moment! During lunch appointments we will give them the updates for their lists:) I encourage you all to ask the missionaries in your wards for the names of those they are teaching and to include them in your family and personal prayers. I know with out a doubt the Lord hears and answers our prayers. This is also good so that when investigators do come to church you can know them and be able to meet who you have been praying for. They WILL feel your prayers:)

Love You all, sorry again this was brief. I hope life is happy and well. Miss you and love you and am praying for YOU:) 

Até mais! Tchau tchau! Love Sister Edwards

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