Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov. 11, 2013, Maringa City

As I sit here, sweating in a Lan House in Maringá Brasil, I am pondering...what on earth will I write about this week? This was a long, tough week, full of rejections. It was definitely a "missionary experience." It is mostly hard to see people reject the message of Salvation but my pride also crept up at times. TUDO BEM! All is well though. I still love this work and being a missionary.

I would like to turn the this attitude over to a very funny experience I had this week. We were walking up a road in a neighborhood far from where we have been normally working. It was hot and we were struggling talking to people. We came to a house that we had once contacted at before, way back when we got to this area. There was an 7 or 8 year old girl playing in a kiddy pool in front in her underwear. We clapped at the gate and her dad came out. He was holding a glass plate and sponge, covered in soap. He came to the gate to talk to us. He continued to scrub and wash the plate as he talked to us. His daughter continued to squirt the hose all over and splash in the pool. As he talked and made conversational gestures he flung soap all over the place. He was really friendly and interested and wanted to keep talking. The entire time- he scrubbed the plate, without even thinking. As this converstion was happening the little girl went over and picked up their poodle dog and put him the pool. The poor little dog didn't know what to do. All the poofy fluffy fur was soaked and he was a sad, sad sight. I couldn't hold it in... I started laughing. The man turned around a told her to "get that dog out of the pool!" She got him out and he came over and shook water allll over us. The converstion continued and... he continued to scrub the plate. By the time we finshed there was no more soap! This was a simple, but really 'funny in the moment' experience. We had a good laugh.

One other quick story. We had another dog follow us around all day. She was so cute! She followed us from appointment to appointment and even waited for us out side to finish teaching. She tried following us into the grocery store too! I dont know why I have so many dogs follow me here but its cute... as long as they don't bite me. DONT WORRY. I don't pet them:)  

We are teaching a really great lady named Terezinha. She is actually our neighbor. She is a seamstress and is making us a special shirt so that we will always remember her. She was going to be baptized this week, but last minute we found out that her husband, she has been with for 25 years, that they have never legally married. What annoying news! Lots of Brazilians do that. People all over the world do this...They say thay are married but are not really legally married. I really love her though and have a lot of hope. Maybe next transfer a wedding will happen:) we will see! 

Transfers are tomorrow. I still don't know if I will transfer or not. I hope they tell me soon so I know if I need to pack or not! 

Love You all, sorry this was brief. I'll try to make it more spiritually uplifting next week:) 
Sister Edwards


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  2. Hi!, I'm from Argentina and I'm going to serve a mission in Londrina, Brazil too. I'm so excited :D