Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter Oct. 07, 2013- Maringa City

Ola a todos! Hello to all ! This week was really good. TONS of rain! We did not contact as many people in the street cuz everyone was in; out of the rain. :) But rain or shine we were out. I kinda got a little home sick being in the rain -Love you Oregon! 

Conference was amazing. I loved every moment. We watched it live down here and it was really neat to see so many people flock to the stake center to hear the words of the prophet. In between sessions we went out on the streets and invited people to come. 

We had two of our investigators come to conference. Leonardo also went to Preisthood (here it is 9-11pm at night!) He has amazingly strong faith. He wants to be baptized and has been praying daily for it to happen (as have we.) Support from family is so important and we are praying his parents will allow him to be baptized soon. He is a pioneer for his family. He is strong and has been prepared to be the first in his family and to help them. We pray they will experience a change of heart, too. Last night after conference we explained this to him. 

We had a mini testimony meeting at a members home. Leonardo bore his testimony and my heart was filled and overwhelmed with the spirit. An 18 yr old priest, his neighbor and friend (Filipe) also bore his testimony. We were all in tears! The young men are exceptional and are going to be righteous, strong missionaries and instruments in the Lord's hands. I feel very blessed to witness and be a part of the Lord hastening his work. 

While watching conference, I was overwhelmed with the spirit of "the time is NOW"! Thank you for your love and prayers. I really feel them. I love being a missionary and love Brazil! The Portuguese language is coming! I keep trying to talk more. I understand quite well. It is very exciting! 

Brandon Sundeen ! I got your letter! My heart melted! I miss you guys so much! I am really happy for you and Stephanie and all that is happening in your life. You are a huge example to me and The best big brother ever! I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I would love to see pictures of little Aiden! :) While reading your letter I had flash backs to writing you letters when you were a missionary...with games of tick tack toe and hang man:) Thank you thinking of me and reading my letters. That means so much to me. Love you and your family so much!! 

Lynette Summerill !! You are so kind! Thank you for the beautiful birthday card and loving words of advice! It was a pleasant suprise to receive a letter from you. Man, getting snail mail is the BEST! Thank you for making my week! 

Elder Galloway! Welcome home! crazy that I just wrote that! Hope all is well with you and the adjusting goes well. Thanks for being a great missionary and teaching my friends in St. Helens!!! 

Love you all family and friends! Boa Semana! Tchau!

Love Sister Rachel Edwards

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