Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept. 30, 2013

Letter from Rachel:

Wonderful last week of the Transfer!!

This week was such a good one! It has been raining, thunder and lightning storms and I LOVE it! Along with the weather, the work has been booming too! We have been meeting the neatest people whose hearts have been so prepared to hear the gospel. I have had a light turn on with the language. Suddenly I understand. I really can recall the exact time it clicked - one day after a lesson and conversation I realized I had understood everything. 

On sunday a Bother came over and whispered a message to us that someone was in the hall wanting to talk to us. Instantly without even thinking about it I knew what he said and walked out to the hall. Later I asked Sister Sedgwick how he knew English. She told me that he had been talking to us in Portuguese. What a miracle!!!! I was so excited!!  

This week my love for studying has grown more than ever. The spirit has led our companionship studies in amazing ways. We have beeb able to study to anticipate thoughts of our investigators. I have had questions that I have never thoguht of before come to mind. This has happened mostly because of our new investigator Leonardo. He is 16 years only. We met him while we were walking to a members house. He was outside sweeping leaves in front of his house. He later told us that this was the first time that he had ever done that and this it was very rare for him to be outside of his room when he was home. He told us that he was atheist and didn't believe in God or Jesus Christ. 

He was curious though what our message was because he told us there was something very diffrerent about us than other believers. We went to go teach him a few days later. He was waiting anxiously for us to arrive. He had tons of questions and thoughts. His family is very religious and he feels like "the Black Sheep" He wanted to know why he had trouble believing what they believe and doubting. He wanted to feel accepted. It was an incredible lesson. 

We went back two days later, last Saturday and taught him the Restoration. He loved it. He said for the first time he was learning about a religion that makes sense. He even prayed! He prayed that we wouldnt be transfered (this week is tranfers) so that we could both stay to keep teaching him. 

His prayer was answered (along with ours) My companion and I will be staying in Maringa City together! We encouraged him to come to church with us yesterday. He was really nervous because he had not gone is so long. But we assured him it would be okay and very different that what he has experienced. He came and the youth and members were so loving and welcoming and he LOVED it. 

Later that night he told us that he was so happy, feeling such a diffrerent joy that he didn't want to leave the chapel. He stayed for a baptism afterwards too. That night we went to a follow up lesson with him and started to teach the Plan of Salvation. After teaching him about The Fall and the Atonement and the need for our Savior, he told us that he believed us and believed in Christ. 

He was amazed and started laughing (with joy): "Last week I was an atheist, and then you Sisters came along and have made me more happy that I have ever felt in my life." I asked him if he wanted to have the feeling, the gift the the holy ghost forever in his life. He said yes. I invited him to be baptized and he accepted!!!!! He is going to be baptized this weekend in between sessions of conference. 

The youth are all coming over to his house to have FHE with him. We are watching Testaments on his projector (He has an awesome theater in his house:) A Priest from the ward who has come to the lessons with us is going to Baptize him. Oh and did I mention he speaks english too!!?? What a miracle! We have been helping him practice English and He has been helping me speak Portuguese. We are so excited for him. He is going to be a rock solid member and great missionary some day!! I love the gospel and seeing how it really changes a persons life. Seeing him accept that he really does have faith was just amazing. 

Thank you for all the love and support! I feel your prayers. My bites are healing really well and scaring as beautiful as a scar can be! I have to go, we need to buy groceries! We are out of soy milk. Yep, I drink the most delicious coconut or banana or strawberrt soy milk, brazilian brand it is SOOOO YUMMMMY!!! 

Mom do you have the coconut bread reciepe? I told members about it and they wanna try it haha.Thanks!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Love Sister Edwards

PS. Rebecca Jessica Jeffrey and Ryan how are you?? I miss you very much and want to hear about ya! Sending hugs! 

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