Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 23, 2013

Eu fui atacado por um cachorro esta semana passado

Translate that last sentance then continue reading:)

This was one CRAZY WEEK!!!! So much happened! To begin, I had an AWESOME birthday! It was fabulous. Sister Sedgwicks birthday was the 18th and the other sisters we live with suprised us with cake and balloons and it was so great! I had 5 cakes for my birthday this year haha. The members were all so loving and we recieved so much love and food and presents. Everyone here loves a reason to have a party pr bolo (Cake) haha. Sister Sedgwick made me FRENCH TOAST!!!! I was so happy! I ate it with my peanut butter too. We ate a whole jar of peanut butter already. Think I gotta slow down, only one to go. yikes, I love peanut butter! Thank you again for the package. I also have been loving my cream of wheat! 

Julia was confimed in Sacrement meeting this week. It was wonderful to see her so happy and finally feeling some peace. She is wonderful and they ward is taking such good careof her and her family. The Bishop and his family amae me. They work so hard and love everyone. I admire all the members her and love them dearly. I really hope I dont get transfered next week! We'll see though. I dont think I will. 

We had a ward party. It was so fun! Brazilian BBS totallllly beat American BBQs sorry! I just love the food! Have you ever had mangos on your hot dogs?? mmm:)

Okay now for the climax of the week. On wednesday I was attacked by a dog. It bit my face, arm and hand. i had to go to the hopital and they thought I was going to need stitches. He bit me above the nose and caught and ripped my lip. (Thats were they thought Id need stitches.) But they decided not to give them. Eventually it stopped bleeding. I have to punture woond in my arm that are also healing so well. My thumb is the only thing on my hand that had skin broken through. Everything is healing amazingly fast! The members here are angels. They have taken such good care of me. Dont worry mom I am just fine! I got two more vaccinations for Rabies and thank goodness I already had it from my trip to africa. Africa really has prepared me for so much! Thank you for sending me bandaids in my package too. They have come in handy! I am doing GREAT! :)

Well, I'll send some pictures. Praying for you all and still loving being a missionary. We have been getting rain, Im lovin it! Feels like home! 

Boa Semana!!
(Have a great week! )

Love Sister Rachel Edwards

Rachel is healing.

Right arm bandaged along with her thumb. She is healing well. Lips, face healing.

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