Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013- Maringa City, Brazil


What a GREAT week! I will be brief since I am in a hurry today.. so much to do one p-day... so little time! I sent more pictures this week so I hope they can speak for me with the captions. :)

Thank you for the Birthday wishes, emails and my package!!!!! I am in love my my peanut butter!!! YAY!! We made cookies with it today yum yum yum!

We are teaching a family that use to be in the circus!!! It is so cool! They showed us tons of pictures... and scars. Missionaries get to meet the coolest people! :) 

Julia was baptized! I am so happy for her. She worked so hard this week to get ready. She was glowing afterwards. I am very, very grateful to have been a part of this significant experience. She was so prepared! Maria Eduarda was confirmed; and that too, was wonderful to witness. She has such strong faith. 

We are teaching Leila, who is the Mother of a youth's friend in our ward. She has so much promise and potential we are very excited for her. 

We are almost all caught up on paper work!!! yeah!!! We hope to be done by tonight. I went on splits this week with Sister Santos from Fortaleza Brazil. She helped me a lot and my Portuguese is getting better...key word...better! ;)

*There is a fruit here that has something in it that makes you sleepy. We had the juice they make with the fruit one night and I was 'out' before we even finished planning hahaha. The other day at lunch we were all enjoying our dessert of "fruit mousse" just for me to discover it was made of that fruit! I fell asleep during the message. haha I for some reason react to it the most. The other sisters were all fine haha dont worry it is safe!

I have so many funny moments to tell you all some day!!!  

Love you all - have a great week!

Love Sister Edwards

Mom, I am doing great! We take care of one another. Please be assured I am well taken care of by my ward, mission pres. and his wife and also my companion.

Maringa City is very developed. Imagine America with everyone speaking portuguese (little bit different looking houses and stores) and you have my area. I am very blessed. I am very grateful for my experience in Africa. I can take on anything now!!! haha. 

Thank you for the package! I LOVE IT! Yummmmmmmmy! oh peanut butter is amazing! Thanks for the cookie recipe too. We tried it with gluten free flour stuff cuz sister sedgwick is gluten intoerant and lactose intolerant. They were really yummy! We brought them to district meeting and the elders all loved them! 

Yes, I am fed great... too good some times haha, We do walk alot but a member from the ward bought me gel inserts for my shoes:) The language is a challenge; but this week was eye opening and I am speaking much more. I just need to be diligent! I hope my pictures say a lot- I am not able to write everything I wish I had time too! It's all in my journal. LOVE you and MISSSSS YOU!!!!!!!! ....So Much!!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am very grateful. Have a good week!

Chocolate covered marshmallow
Sewing skirt
Sister Santos from Fortaleza, Brazil with Sister Edwards
Birthday pkg arrived in time! It took 4 weeks to be mailed from US to Brazil.
Peanut butter!
Granola! Sisters Edwards with Sister Sedgwick (from Connecticut)
Making cookies
Sister Bullen from Alaska w Sister Edwards
Missionary feet!
Cooling off!

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