Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014- Londrina- Final Week

IHey Everyone! 

(Miracles are real!) 

What. a. week. After all the suffering and pain and sickness and work and trials and difficulties..... the blessing arrived! The Lord was very merciful with us and gave us a huge miracle! 

All this transfer we have been working with Maristela. She was a reference of recent converts.  She is so great. She was passing through many difficult things lately and the Lord truly did prepare her heart. She is STRONG. When she received her answer NO ONE could change her mind. She is very determined. She works at Outback Steakhouse and is a cook there. The restaurant is open very late and she has the night shift. She gets home at 4-6:00 in the morning. Many times her schedule interfered with us teaching her. But Alessandra and Alfredo (the recent converts) are her neighbors and they helped her sooo much. 

She really is so special and I think the adversary knows it. I have never seen so many obstacles to try and stop someone from being baptized. The day of her interview she got hurt at work and was feeling sick and weak. We rescheduled 3 times that day. Finally when she was able to walk, a HUGE storm blew threw (impeding our walk to the church). I called the bishop and he came to pick us up *phew* She passed ther interview. The next day every temptation you can think of came to her. She was so strong. She did not submit to any of them. Then after a loooong shift saturday night she didnt even sleep and when to church with us. She changed her clothes and was so excited to be baptized. 

Right before the service started Sister Nascimento went to check the water. Luckily she did because she found a black scorpion on the stair of the font. It was right in the place where she would have stepped. These monsters are very dangerous. The whole chapel will be scorpion bombed this week because she found it. It could have seriously hurt. How grateful I am that the good side always wins! The baptism was beautiful and spiritual and we all felt much alleviation. Sister VerHoef and I sang "Come unto Christ." 

This week we went to Apucarana. It was probably the hardest split I have done in my mission... no... it was the hardest. Simply put, I am exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally and especially spiritually. I learned a lot about myself and how I have changed a lot in this 1 year and half that I have been a full time missionary. It was a neat and special experience for many sisters this week, including me. 

WELL, This is officially my last week. Cant wait to relate more miracles next week! Have a good one!

Sister Edwards

Baptism of Maristela.

Waiting for onibus

Carmel apples

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