Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct. 06, 2014- Travels and new area

Hello Family! 

Here are a few notícias! 

1. I made it home safely from the Foz de Iguaçu. It was incredible! Better than I could have imagined! We had a blast. We were soaked to the bone and man was it fun! Best P-day EVER! We took a night bus home and slept on the bus. I wont say I got the best nights sleep but we made it and the Lord truly helped me because that day of work I wasnt sleepy at all! 

2. We had an awesome Zone meeting this week. It was really spiritual. One of the best, in the top 3! I learned new techniques and was able to apply them that day! We eneded the day marking a baptism. It was great.

3. We have an incredible golden investigator- Renan. He is 23 and lookign for truth. He understands and believes everything we teach. He is very willing to keep the commandment and make necessary changes. He loved General Confrence too! He will be baptized this week. :)

4. General Conference was AMAZING! I felt so edified and uplifted as the spirit truly testified and confirmed the words of each speaker. I loved all the talks and want badly to study each of them thoroughly. I know that they are men of God called to teach and warn us. I know obedience is essential. I made a list of questions before it began and as always the Lord answered each of my questions. 

5. Sister Sedgwick is going home tomorrow!!! :(  

6. I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERED!!! Again. haha. I am going to yet another part of Londrina. It is a ward called Ouro Branco (White Gold). How perfect! GOLDEN investigators in WHITE! haha. President is doing a big switch of areas. All the Elders there will trade with us here. They are our zone leaders. It will be fun to see what this transfer brings. I will be training a new Sister Training Leader. I already love her! Her name is Sister VerHeof. We will be traveling alllll over alllll over again! yeah! 

7. I still need to finish packing and cleaning and picking up Sisters from the bus station. 

Love you all! See you all in one month!! ahhhh!! (Mixed feelings).

Have a great week! 

Love Sister Edwards

Watching General Conference
Riding on public bus
Renan. Loved watching Conference and will be baptized this week.

Incredible trip to one of the 7 Wonders of the World. 'Iguazu Falls'

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