Monday, May 26, 2014

May 19, 2014, Assis,São Paulo

Hello Everyone!!! 

What. A. Week. I just finished writing a letter to my Mission President as we do every week and my first sentence was (translated): "This was one hard week. Just about everything that could have happened... happened." And man was it. I have never been on such an emotional spiritual rollar coaster! I had some of the highest and lowest moments this week. And all I say is that I am relieved to be starting a new week now. 

This week we had our interviews with President Genaro and Sister Genaro came to our house for inspections. (This is a high point). I LOVE being near them. They just radiate love and compassion and talking to them always helps me learn new things about how I can be better and happier. They are the most busiest people but always stop and talk and remember everything about you. 

Sister Genaro drove us back to our apartment in Assis from Marília Stake Center and we talked for over an hour just about life and it was really neat to hear her tell me stories about her childhood and the love she has for her family. She told me all about what it was like to be called to be a Missionary President's Wife and talking to President Uchtdorf and Elder Christenson. SO NEAT! 

We also were teaching Cleber all week! He has been working a ton and it has been hard for him to really focus in our lesson as he almost sleeps through them. (He works all night long). He is so prepared but doesn't feel it yet, (I think all he can feel right now is exhaustion). He had an interview marked but the last moment he didn't go because he got nervous. It was stressful in the moment because he turned off his phone and 'disappeared'. We spent almost three hours trying to get a hold of him and looking for him. Eventually we caught up with him in the street walking to work. He could use some prayers to help him have more courage. We are going to help him out this week. 

We found and are teaching some incredible people! And the best part is they all live in the same neighborhood (That means we do not have to run from one side of the city to the other!!!) They all went to church too! It was incredible how each of the talks that were given were absolutely PERFECT for each of them. They all have their personal needs and difficulties and in 3 talks all the topics were covered! I know that Lord is truly aware of our needs and helps us to find the answers though the Gospel. Their names are Claudio, Leonel, Priscila, Pedro. We also started teaching Sueli´s brother Rogerio and his son Marcelo!! This week looks very promising! 

I know this is truly the LORDS WORK. That we are only tools in His Hands as he uses us where he needs us. He only asks us to be willing and worthy so that he can bless us and those around us. His love is infinite. I am so grateful for his mercy and trust. I know that His plan is perfect. I know that he answers our prayers. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! I invite you to all pray for an opportunity to help the missionaries in your own ward. They need you! Youth- go out there and teach with the Elders and Sisters! I can not thank the youth here enough for the time they spend walking the streets and teaching people with us here. 

Your testimonies are powerful- share them!!! People need to hear the words of angels, the words of Chirst. We have His words and we can be His angels here on earth as we are obedient, willing, and worthy. Continue strong everyone! Find joy in the every day mercies and blessings which are so numerous. Love others as you have felt the Love of the Lord in your life. 

Thank you for always send your love down this way to Brasil ! I definitely feel it and am so grateful! Have a wonderful successful week! 

Love, Sister Edwards

Dropped planner in the rain and it floated into sewage!

Our one room apartment
Bedroom in kitchen. Kitchen in bedroom. ;)

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