Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014- Assis, São Paulo, Brazil


Hello Everyone! 

This week was a complete turn around for us compared to our last week. The Lord blessed us with the privilege of baptizing our investigator Antonio before the transfer ended! We had an incredible, spiritual, miracle filled week. 

We also got news that Sister Bispo's sister is doing much much better and she even sent Sister Bispo a letter that encouraged her to keep serving the Lord. We are very grateful for the prayers on her behalf. 

So, I will be staying in Assis. This will be my 3rd transfer here. We thought that there would be another set of sisters coming but it looks like it will just be me and my new companion! I will be training! She is fresh from the MTC:) I am really excited! Being a "mom" is a lot of responsibility! I feel like I am going to be learning a loooot these next two transfers. 

Sister Bispo is going to my birth city- Maringá! She is going to love it there! Sister Sedgwick (my 'mom' in the mission, as she trained me) is now a Sister Training Leader! (A zone leader for sisters). Great changes! We are going to have a lot of growth in the mission. Change is good, it brings new results and we learn sooo much. 

So, as I said we baptized our investigator Antonio! He is soooo great! He had an incredibly powerful answer to his prayers about the Gospel. The sciptures truly testify of the truth. He is very excited to be a member of the true church after a very long search and sad difficult past of deception and trial. 

It is so incredible to see how the Light of the Gospel lifts burdens off the backs of so many people. 

We are headed to Londrina today, I need to organize and prepare lots of stuff para minha filha!!

Amo vocês muita! boa semana!!! 

Come Amor,
Sister Edwards

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