Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan. 06, 2014

Wellll... I am happy for be writing in this new year of 2014! Funny how it doesn't feeeeeel really different. But goal have been set and I am happy to also report that I went running everyday last week! (Yes! I actually did more that just sit ups pushups and stretching in our front room:) haha Ohhhh the New Year! Feeling good! 

I also had a fun trip to the hospital this weekend. Don't worry Mom... everything is fiiiine! :) I was hooked up to an IV and given medication for pain. I am having troubles with digestion and stomach and intestines and actually I dont know what the problem is yet... I have most exams to do this week. But I am not worried, I have amazing and loving companions, and an incredible mission Mom- Sister Genaro, and the priesthood... so everything is perfect!!! 

This week was a little difficult as far the work goes. The town was literally empty and silent as everyone left for vacation... or there were all the drunk people who stayed home. New Years was spent sleeping peacefully.... well kinda, the fire works were reallly loud haha. But it was a good week. 

We had a really great lesson with an investigator and lots of our investigators returned from vacation too! We watched the movie, 'Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration' with Leonardo and Felipe and Guilherme. My testimony and gratitude for Joseph Smith grew more and I truly am so grateful for those who came before us and made it possible to have all that we have today. 

I also bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting this week. I didn't say anything I planned... as usual haha, but It was much easier to speak compared to my first week here:) I feel like an official member of this ward since I have been here for over 5 months now. I really have such a special love for these members.

Sorry that I haven't been sending picutres. My card reader is having problems... I try to figure it out! I pray that everyone has an amazing week! Love you all

Love Sister Edwards

PS This week really was amazing because Alana, a YW in our ward went out with us and we taught toooooonnnnsss of lessons with a member present. It was awesome! Members testimonies work miracles! 

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