Monday, August 12, 2013

Time flies when you are busy!

Oi! Hello Everyone:) It has been so good to hear from so many of you! Thank you for the emails and letters! I apologize for not personally writing back yet! So forgive me for adding you to my email today. 

Heather and Blaine- Thank you for writing Heather! It is always so good to hear from you. I love hearing about Will and Pete! Love you all and miss you tons! 

Aunt Katie- Thank you for writing to me! I loved reading your letter. You are such an amazing missionary! Way to follow the spirit:) Thanks for the encouragement and compliments. I can't wait to see your house when I get back! Micheal and I write letters back and forth. He is so funny and sounds like he is doing well. I am writing him today. He is a very efficient missionary it sounds like! Good for him! I miss you all and again appreciate you writing me! :) Love and miss you all so much!

Grandma Betty!- Thank you for the handwritten letters! You made me laugh with your story. I love hearing about how and where everyone is:) Updates are great on a mission because we don't have facebook! haha. I love hearing about the mission status' of all the cousins:) Becca's is coming up soon! Not as soon as Katelyn though! How exciting!!! :)  Miss and love you!! 

Okay so this week I can describe in two words- A MIRACLE. It has been an incredible week and I don't feel deserving of what happened in the least! I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity that I did with my companions. Our jaws dropped several times this week! haha Wanna know? Okay! I have permission to send this btw and you should all be expecting a video of her telling the video her self and she wants to tell everyone her story:)

Last Saturday we went to to visit a recent convert. She is a single mom of a three year old boy. When we went to visit her we found that she also had a friend staying with her from Germany. They became very good friends.  The friend has been struggling but trying, and is determined and the most positive person I have ever met! She has a strong belief in God and his hand in her life.
She also has epilepsy (seizures). So her brother in Germany sent her a medical dog that is constantly with her and helps her through her seizures. It is a cute lil white puppy, specially trained. She needed to get it's vaccines but couldn't afford them. She doesn't like asking but she really needed the help. So as she was calling places she ended up calling the LDS Oklahoma City, OK Temple. 

The Temple President's counselor, met her there and personally paid for her dogs medical bills. She was in awe and couldn't believe the love and compassion he showed. She loved the temple too and talks about how special of a place it was and that she felt something special there. 

A few weeks later we come to visit LeeAnn and meet Taisha and her her story. (Note: This was 9 days ago). During that visit we end up teaching her the 1st lesson. She LOVED it. 

Taisha has a special gift of the spirit and believing. She came to church the next day and just embraced it. In the hallway she told me that she wanted to be apart of this and wanted to know how to get baptized. We were shocked and so excited! We have taught her every day since then and she is getting baptized this Friday by President Applegate! 

Every time we taught her; she just got it. I wish I could describe the incredible lessons we had. It was never because of us. She was so prepared to hear the gospel. 

In Relief Society yesterday she got up and began to pour our her testimony to all of the women. She cried and told them that once she is baptized she wants to come with us and knock on doors because she knows it it true and wants to help everyone to know. She also told them all how they need to feed the missionaries to thank us. : )

She made us a feast on Saturday to express her gratitude to us. Be really, we are so grateful to her! 

We got her a German Book of Mormon and she loves it! She spent one day just reading to us from the Book of Mormon and rehearsing and telling us everything she is learning and understanding. She is AMAZING!!!! She goes up to people and asks them to tell her their testimony. 

When she feels the spirit she will stop and say "Do you feel that! He is here! look at my goosbumps! look at your goosbumps!!" She will cry and hug us. I feel so grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach her, although she has taught ME so much! I love her so much and I KNOW that she is a huge reason I am in Oklahoma right now and not Brazil. 

I love my mission and the things I have been learning and doing. I pray for you all and love you all and am very thankful to you for the support I receive. Okay I have to go. Have an amazing week! 
Love, Sister Edwards

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