Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug. 26, 2013-First Week in Brazil

Hello everyone! Sorry this will be short. I am serving in Maringa Brazil. My companion is Sister Sedgwick. She is from Connecticut. She is amaizng! I love her soooo much! She has been out on her mission one transfer longer than me. She is very loving and patient and hard working. I am learning a lot from her. We get along really well. I feel like I have known her my whole life! 

Brazil is amazing! I am so comfortable here. I had a lot of worries coming; hearing many things; but to explain simply, I feel like I'm in the US but with everyone speaking Portuguese. I drink the water with no problems. There are cars, buses, stores and houses. Normal toilets and so on. Very easy adjustment! I am counting my blessings for sure! 

I LOVE The food! It is mostly rice beans salad and meat of some kind, but is always prepared differently and soooo yummy! We do not eat dinner here. So we snack...granola bars, etc. My Mom is sending me some peanut butter...thank you so much, Mom!

We have a really nice apartment. It is bigger and nicer than my one in OKC. There are 4 sisters living here. Me, my comp, Sister Gee from Provo and Sister Rojas from Chile. Love them all! Church is great! The members are incredible! There is so much work to do here. Many prepared people! I love Brazil! I really think I could live here! 

Thank you for all of the emails! Sorry I am to able to respond back specifically, but I love reading and being updated. I miss you all! Hope you have a great week! 

If anyone is sending anything via snail mail -put a picture of Jesus and Mother Mary on it and no one will open it before it gets here (considered sacred ) 

hint hint! ;) ;) 

Thanks for the love and support. I feel your prayers! 


Somedays we need jackets, most other days are hot :)

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