Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter #4 June 25, 2013

Oi minha familia e amigos!!!!!!!!!
I'm still here in the MTC and loving it!!! We start week 5 tomorrow! Ah! CRAZY!!!
I have so many notes in my planner to write about. Please excuse the randomess!
First of all it was such a lovely suprise to open my email this morning and hear from so many friends/family out in the mission field! I love you all and am grateful for your examples and support. I love that we can all be involved in this work together! 

I am also very excited about the involvement members will be having in Missionary Work. The Worldwide Broadcast was incredible! I loved it for numerous reasons. Being in the presence of the Apostles was a special opportunity for me. I know without a doubt that they have been called of God, and that they do love us and are receiving constant revelation for the church. How amazing! 

I love the spirit that was felt in that meeting. I was honored to be a part of the MTC choir. Our teacher compared the choir (Biggest MTC choir in history-2,500)...to the scripture in 2 Nephi 15: 26-29: 

"You were roaring like lions! Confident in your purpose, knowing what you stand for, defend and represent." I like this image that he came up with because I FELT that while singing with all of these missionaries. This work is not like any other. It really is the work of Salvation. I love being a missionary. I love the constant learning and growth. 

In an interview yesterday, I was told that I should never expect to be comfortable on my mission. God will continually show we my weaknesses so that I can grow. I am suppose to struggle! (Especially with Portuguese.) 

The Lord wants us to give our all to him and turn to the Savior for help when we can't do a thing more alone and HE WILL help us to complete what he has asked of us. He will fill our mouth! It is so important to be worthy of the spirit in our lives. I was reading in Alma 5 today about how the Spirit will always testify of truth. I can testify of that, no matter how small it may seem. Anything good is of God.
I love being a missionary!!!!
If you watch the Broadcast, at the end of Hark all ye Nations (3:20 time) Sister Downs, Weber and I are all on there. Don't laugh we are all pulling terrible faces!!! But we made it one the recording! woohoo!
MERRY 1/2 way to CHRISTMAS!!!!! Exactly 6 months today!! Our district is having a white elephant gift exchange in the laundry room today with items from the Free Bins in the residents Halls. Then we are going to go caroling in Portuguese:)
Last week at dinner I got some crab salad. I was really debating whether or not I should eat it... second thoughts are never a good sign with food haha. Anwyays, I was litterly about to take a bite when Sister Walker (sitting on the far end side of the table) was playing with her rice krispy treat, some how acceidently launched it across the table and it hit me right in the face and landed in my salad. I decided that was my answer! to not eat it! It was really funny.
Also the other day Sister Downs and I were on our way to a meeting when a MTC worker asked us to come help him. He took us to the room where all of the tech stuff happens (computer programming and stuff.) They were working on some new programs for the MTC computers and had us test it. It was cool to see another part of how the MTC works!
A suggestion for Ryan Edwards  (and everyone else) go to Mormon Messages and watch "Extraordinary Gifts" about the boy named Kuano who is a blind piano player! Really worth the time! So neat!!!
This week we are hosting for the new missionaries coming in! Our Zone has TWO new districts coming in! It is going to be crazy cool! Sister Downs and I will be running all over the place! I am so excited for the New Sisters. We have 8!!! I love them already and can't wait for them to experience all they will. 

Everyone should go on a mission:) just saying! Speaking of which.... CONGRATS JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! FRANCE!!!??? You will be learning French for sure now! haha I guess I was wrong saying Germany huh? haha When does Katelyn get her call? And when do Josh and Logan Fox report? So exciting! You are going to love it!
Did you know that "Jesus" is Greek and in English his name is "Joshua"?
Well, there is so much more I would like to write about but yet again, time is up and we have laundry to do!! I miss you all so very much and love you! It was so special to be able to hug my sisters and Mom at the broadcast. I love you 3 so much. Please pass on my hugs to Dad and the boys and EVERYONE else!
Happy Fourth of July! Let me know what you all are doing to celebrate! We will be watching the Staduim of fire Firework Show! :) Cool cool!
I receive my reassignment next Thursday. Thanks for all the guesses. We will see you is closest!
Send me some mailing address for letters! Thanks!

Sister Edwards

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