Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter #3 - June 18, 2013

Oi minha familia e amigos!
I'm half way through my MTC experience! I miss you all! I hope life is going well and everyone is have a great summer!!! I can't believe it is summer! How cool! Thank you to those who have been writing me. I would love to hear from you all! I like hearing the stories of the world outside the MTC. : )
To start off. I would like to say 'Happy Fathers Day' to all the Dads out there! But especially to my Dad. I love you Dad! There is letter coming to you, sorry it is a little late! 

On Sundays we have the opportunity to watch 'Music and the Spoken Word' before Relief Society. It is my favorite part about Sundays, including everything else on Sunday too! 

There is something so special about music and the way it invites the spirit. I love listening to music- especially- because with the exception of singing; there is no music at the MTC (as in mission approved music players). So I just love it! 

This week was a special on Father's Day. The whole time I was thinking about you, Dad. I am so grateful for you and your love for me. I have the best Dad ever! I really do feel so blessed. I love you! I hope Becca, Jessica, Jeffrey and Ryan did something special for you!! I also asked your question to all of my fellow district members. Their answers are in my letter. :)
Happy Birthday Michael! I know you are in the field now! Hope It was an awesome experience! Happy Birthday Brayden! I also hope you had an awesome day, you and my cousin share a birthday! I thought of you both. My companion and I sang to you that morning just so you know:)
The World Wide Training Broadcast is coming up this Sunday, June 23rd @ 4pm MST.  I am SOOO excited!!!!! All of the Apostles and the Prophet are coming! In meetings on Sunday we were told to be on on our extra good behavior (so pretty much keep doing what we are doing) because the 12 Apostles will be around campus this week! 

The missionary choir singing is over 1100 missionaries! I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to sing! I will be wearing my gray suit jacket, singing alto so look for me!!! It will be a live worldwide broadcast. Our teacher said to expect some big changes to missionary work! It is so exciting to see all the the growth and change!
I have the best companion ever! She is so sweet and loving and patient and just such a hard worker! The other day when we were having companionship study I was falling asleep. Now, I don't just sleep like I use to in High School. It is kind of funny to see missionaries here fall asleep studying because we are all trying soooo hard to not to! But my eyes seriously would NOT stay open. I felt so bad! 

She is so loving, she said, "Sister Edwards, you look exhausted. I want to help you. Lets go for a walk." So we got up and took our notebooks and studied while walking around campus. I was able to stay awake and do so much! When we got back for language study she again helped me to stay awake. 

We worked outside and acted out (dramatically, but quitely) all of our lessons. I had a break through too! I was able to remember all of the things in Portuguese that I studied that day! I am so blessed to have Sister Downs! She is helping to to know How to Study Effectively. There are so many ways to do it, and every person is different. I am finding the way that works best for me because she is loving enough to work with me and vise versa.
We are officially the new Sister Training Leaders. The other district has left to the field! They all recieved reassignment because they still have not received Visa's to Brazil. Some are going to Detroit and some to San Fernado California. 

~I would love to have everyone guess where my reassignment will be!!! It really could be ANY mission in the USA. And I could be there for 6-8 months! So lets hear your guesses! : ) haha.
When does Logan Fox come to the MTC? I ran into Ranae Bell from Rainier the other day! She is also going to Brazil. I can't wait to hear where my cousin, Josh is called!!! My bet is on Germany!! Since he speaks fluent German! Amazing!
I had serveral touching and spiritual experiences this week. Irmao Buttars taught an incredible lesson on the Plan of Salvation. He is such an inspired and loving teacher. I learned so much I didn't realize I didn't know. There is so much knowledge to be gained! 

I am so grateful for the opporunity to have all this time to study. I love it! I am reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and it is incredible what I learn; and the meanings I find, simply because of the way it is translated. It is a beautiful language! 

We always celebrate mini break-thrus! The other day I was in a training meeting and I answered a question in Portuguese without even thinking twice! My comp was wide eyed and started laughing because I hadn't realized what I said. YEAHH!!! This week our district started our goal of only speaking Portuguese -all day- except at meal time. It is going pretty well; though class is very quiet ; ) haha. We are realizing that we actually know quite a bit!! So Exciting!

It is funny the things I crave here. The other night in class I was dying to have Chicken Pot Pie. So strange! Thank goodness there are vending machines with carrots and celery haha
Ok, my time is up! :( I will send some pictures while I do laundry later. Love you all! Hope to hear from you soon!
Love Rachel

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